Potluck Picnic Quilt
Cute beyond belief!

Creative color inspiration!


I had a conversation with a customer the other day ... she said she felt so intimidated by choosing colors for her quilts. So as we were talking, I told her she needed to just take a shopping trip and see what was being offered in the gift and flower shops. This is a good time of year to do that as everything seems to be bright and fresh. With that in mind, I whipped out my camera and snapped some pix at Kowalski's when I stopped in for juice and milk. You know my motto ... there's inspiration everywhere ... just open your eyes and look around! Ready?

I have enamelware jewelry from the 70's in these exact same colors! Ahhh ... the hippie years.

I love how the crispness of the white really charges up the colors!

Calming and relaxing.

I love anything patriotic ... brings to mind picnics and green grass and Summer!

Perfectly color coordinated juice bottles ... someone in marketing did good!

These have sort of an Amy Butlerish look to them.

Fiesta! Salsa! The screen printed veggies look fabulous!

Flowers are always the best for looking for color combo. The garden centers are going to be open soon ... what do you think we'll find this season? More inspiration, maybe?



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You HAVE to go to Kowalski's when you're here Pam!!


I loved being a hippie girl ... so much fun. And I know exactly where my little green daisy pin is. I should get it out. Think I have most of my jewelry left from that era!!

Leslie Schmidt

You did it again-- great photos, great colors, great inspiration!

Mary Lou Weidman

Loved each and every beautiful photo....and Yes the hippie years are back...sort of. I don't think alot of the clothes are as creative. It is fun to see what the stores have for us. I adore color. Except I am not crazy about those 50's sputnik colors...been there once and it was boring. The 60's were just plain fun.

Karen Beigh

Beautiful colors and fabrics to match. I can see how you get your inspiration.


I will be a Kowolski's before you know it.


The first thing I thought of when I saw the flowers was Philippa Naylors "Star Sign" quilt.

Last row, 1st column

Same colors. Brilliant!

Kelly Ann

great color shots...

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