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Itchin' to stitch?


Today is the beginning of National Craft Month! Doesn't just the sound of that phrase make you want to create something? Well ... the timing is perfect because as the temps begin to warm up, we're seeing a lot of people coming out of the woodwork, looking to make something with their hands.

I've been caught by the crafting bug these last few weeks and have come up with a few fun-to-stitch projects that we will be offering in the Cottage this Saturday ... March 6. Come in between 10am and 4pm ... pull up a chair ... start to stitch. We'll have all of the supplies waiting for you so you don't have to remember to bring a thing.

You know we've been caught by the Wool Crazy bug so it seemed like a great idea to make a crazy quilted wool heart pincushion. We've put together kits from odds and ends of our wool stash ...  each pincushion will look different. You can choose which color flower you want to attach. And you'll go away with some basic knowledge of crazy quilting ... including how to make a few decorative stitches.  Everything is included for $7.95.

I hate getting a coffee drink and then having it splash out through the hole in the cover. I love that most of the shops are including a little plug now when you order ... but man oh man ... do I have a collection of them! I hate to toss them away because it seems so wasteful and you never know when you'll need one ... so I've built up quite a stash. And then one thing led to another and pretty soon I had some wool cut out and was decorating them. It's a sickness ... what can I say? But at least now when my coffee is sitting with everyone else's, I know which is mine. You can make a plug ID, too on Saturday! We'll have all of the components cut out and in muffin tins ... you get to choose what color yours will be. The coffee plug ID is only $3 ... bring your own plug if you have one ... or grab one from our (washed!) stash.

And last but not least is our sweet little flower pincushion. Tied on to the handle of your sewing machine, it'll keep pins at your fingertips. You can build your own ... we'll have all of the wool pieces cut and you can choose what your pincushion will look like. This project is $5.25.

I know everyone is itchin' to stitch so hopefully we won't run out of supplies before you get there!

If you're looking for more Springtime inspiration, we've laid in a large supply of pretty wool, new books and patterns ... some great gifts! Snow's melting ... March is a great time to craft!