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    10 March 2010


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    Lynn at The Calico Shoppe

    Hey Roseann LOVE LOVE the name tags! I am going to schedule my retreats two weeks after yours instead of the same weekend and use some of your ideas. (if you don't mind) Have a terrific retreat see you in July if not sooner


    How cute!!!!! I wanna come, also!!! (sigh) maybe some day!


    Love the name tags. They are so cute. I am sure everyone will have a great time. Wish I lived closer!!!

    Sue H

    These are the cutest name tags ever! Just adorable.

    Gudrun Erla

    Owww soooo cute....I want one!!! Why am I not coming to your retreat???
    Have fun!!


    OMG, I LOVE that clock. I have been looking for one and never thought to look for one in the antique store.


    love the idea.. i have those same cut out flowers...

    Bobbi in Cottage Grove

    Well if those aren't the cutest name tags !! i do save all of mine and hang them of my design wall at home. The left over rings would make cute picture frames with everyones picture in the middle! Could hang with the tag. Wish i had known this before or I could have ordered refills for my hp printer that i can use without a pc. I am so looking forward to this retreat !!! Let's go !!!!!!!

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