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A Summer 9-patch project to get you sewing!


I always associate Summer with sewing. Maybe it's because once school ended, it was pedal to the metal in order to get all of our 4-H sewing projects done in time for the fair. So a few weeks ago when I saw that Karen Montgomery was starting the 9-Patch Project as a way to keep on sewing through the Summer months ... well let's just say it's been stuck in my mind! The idea is to make one 9-patch block every day ... use up some of your stash ... have something to show at the end of the Summer. Sounds simple, right? Sort of like what I did last Summer when we did a block a day and were able to make an entire quilt in sixteen days!

Yesterday I got the bug to just do it. I've been doing everything but sew lately and my machine was screaming at me to take part. You can start at any time you want but it was already June 5th and I was five behind! Yike. I had 30 minutes before I had to leave for home ... the fastest way to get five done in a half hour was to cut those strips small. It helps that I have a fascination with itty bitty blocks, too. So here I go ... three strips from each light and dark cut at 1 1/4" wide. Can I do it?

Fast sewing techniques ... first sewing a light and dark together in a chain piecing fashion ... clip one off and add a second dark and then the second light to the remaining piece.

Over to the ironing board pressing toward the dark. And yes I fixed that one seam that had a little bit of a fold ... gotta be careful pressing even when you're playing beat the clock or things just don't turn out right.

Quick cutting ... whenever I can I like to stack up the cutting opportunities. The segments were subcut to 1 1/4" just like the strips were cut.

Look how cute they are!

With creative cutting and then just as creative sewing, I was able to eeek out one more segment getting me five blocks. Bonus! And I was only 15 minutes into things.

I'm a methodical sewer ... do all of one step and then all of the next until I'm done. I've always been that way ... it's my approach to getting to the end ... whether it was for the many craft shows that I took part in ... putting kits together for the store ... quilting or paper crafting ... it's more efficient to do one thing over and over because you get fast at it and you don't waste movement. So I chain sew and clip off each segment from the end of the chain as I need it.

Look how cute they are waiting for their trip to the ironing board!

Even more darling pressed and waiting to be joined by their friends later this Summer! Finished, these will be 2 1/4" blocks ... I can't even get my head around how many blocks one a day is until the middle of August but it's a bunch. Wonder what kind of cute thing I can make! There's a huge group on Facebook doing the 9-Patch Project ... and it's never too late to start. The big thing for me is knowing I can make five of these tiny ones in 30 minutes so that seems doable. Another cool thing about making them small ... besides how quickly I can make them ... is that I didn't have to move anything on my messy ironing board because it didn't take much room to press them. Bonus!!



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Love the top photo! For a second, I thought the girl standing was me...I had that haircut! And the 4-H uniform...what memories! Thanks for the tutorial. Looks like a do-able project!


This is a great idea! I wonder if I could do this? I have a lot of catching up to do . . .

Barbara Boe

You are so smart. Thanks for the tip.

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