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A Summer 9-patch project to get you sewing!

Moving along with the pincushion round robin!


Just as Quilt Market was beginning, I received the next round robin pincushion in the mail from Jo Ann! Boy-oh-boy she's prompt ... they always arrive right on time. Well this pincushion top belongs to Pat and she wanted some 'garden love' ... her words, not mine! I figured that Jo Ann already had the love part taken care of so I'd provide some of the garden.

I started interviewing flower parts and knowing that Pat isn't a conventional style girl, I figured that if things weren't 'normal' colors, it would be just fine. I love having leaves that are anything but green! And ya ... that stuff off to the side ... that MIGHT be going on Brenda's pincushion ... we'll see if it fits!

Jo Ann's portion had a lot of texture to it so I decided to layer mine up with extra wool circles and a bead in the center. I like things to have some dimension so I did a backstitch down the center of the leaves and then gave the thread a little tug to gather them a smidge. The flower petals were stitched with long strands of floss and I used the bead to anchor the centers. Seeing its a garden, it needed a bee ... right? The bee is held in place with long, gold strands over his back so that his wings can flutter. And do you see the little something special I'm including on each pincushion?

This has been a lot of fun thinking about what the finished pincushions will look like ... wondering how mine will turn out when it's finished. So much fun to think about while I'm stitching! One side bonus ... I've been hugely busy lately and it was so nice to just stop and stitch. My head feels a little clearer ... a bonus of being able to take time to be creative. I'd love to see pix of the cushions you're doing ... are you taking part in a round robin with your friends, too? If you aren't ... you really need to organize them and join in the fun!!



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They all are turning out to be soooooo cute. I love them all.

Shirley in Canada

A very beautiful addition! Great work!


I love seeing the progress on everyones pincushions!!! Did you cut your flowers with a die cutter?
We will be traveling in your neck of the woods this summer....anxious to get to your new shop. I would like for you to advise me on how a die cutter works, if I could. I think I need to get one! christine


I enjoy seeing the progress on these wooly wonders - very inspirational and enjoyable.
almost makes me want to get out the wool stash in spite of the heat!

Leslie Schmidt

Is that a little pin that says wool? How cute! And how tiny! I can see a lot of thought and caring is going into these creations. BTW, I loved the picture of you and Pat just lounging around doing the radio show. You looked like you were just sittin' on the back porch, talking to the neighbors.

pat sloan

OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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