It's really hard to believe how fast time flies by!

Ride on by!


I am INSANELY jealous of this bike! Look at it. It has polka dots on it. And it's so stinkin' cute. My pal Patty had been out for a ride the other day on her day off ... stopped by because she knew I'd love this bike as much as she does! Her daughter has one too so now I've got a double case of envy.

Even the name is cute! Electra. It speaks to me!! Look at those daisies ... back to the 70's ... a perfect time of life.

Look at that seat. It's beautiful!! And its not one of those skinny little seats. You can actually sit on it and enjoy the ride. Patty told me her bike has a name ... Jenny. Her daughter's is Betty. Who names their bike? Well ... apparently ... those folks at the Electra Bike Company do! The women's cruisers have these adorable names but frankly, I think Patty and her daughter have the best ones. There's a shop locator on the site. I'm taking a trip over to Minneapolis soon.

Lookit. The bike has a matching bell. And a basket too. Wait til you see the one for the Jenny bike. Kill me with adorableness. Patty said she's going to get that next so she can come to town and shop when she retires. (Oh ... that's the other thing I love about her ... she's counting down to retirement by how many more Mondays she has to work. Cute bike ... terrific sense of humor!)

It has those higher handlebars that help you sit up straighter when you ride. Not like you're racing from start to finish ... its an entirely different girly kind of ride. She says lots of people look at her when she rides by ... she's hoping it's cuz she looks so great as she does ... but nah! it's all about the bike. (Sorry girlfriend.) And so as Patty pedals off into the distance for a nice little jaunt around White Bear Lake ... all I'm left with is memories ... and a scheme about how I can justify buying one of my own!! Ride on girl ...