Ok ... a little more craziness ...

Tune in for Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio!

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I'll be sharing the microphone with Pat on Monday, July 12 ...  three o'clock central standard time where I live in Minnesota ... four o'clock Pat's time on the east coast in Virginia. If you're in Billings it'll be at two o'clock and LA ... you can tune in at one. Ok? Everybody got that?

I'll be on in the second half hour. Pat and I will be talking about why creative people enter competitions ... like the Minnesota State Fair ... we're going to talk about orts ... and if you don't know what those are for sure you're gonna want to be listening in! And then if there's time, we'll be talking some more about organizing our fabric stash.

Whew! You'll have to sit back and relax and listen to us on the Toginet Radio network!!

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