Putting my best foot forward!
Fall - color so brilliant it hurts the eyes!

Are you ready for Fall-O-Ween?

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Does it get any better than this? Two of my favorite times of the year ... Fall and Halloween ... rolled into one! Ten designers posting for ten days about all the things they enjoy about Autumn ... and each of them will have a project for you to make, too! I know you won't be able to resist doing at least one ... but I bet you'll be tempted by all ten!

The blog hop starts bright and early on Monday, September 27 and continues through October 6th. Read along as you're able to sneak in the time ... but to be eligible for some grand prizes, post a comment on each of the designer of the day's blog ... at the end of the hop we'll pull winners from those who commented ... ten days ten designers ten chances to win!

If you're new to blog hops ... check out the Cross Country Christmas blog hop we did last November. We had a blast!

Here are the players for Fall-O-Ween and when they appear ... Gudrun of GE Designs (where you'll be able to see all of us in our Halloween attire!) ... Sandy from Pieces from my Heart ... then me ... next will be Kari from New Leaf Stitches ... and then Terry from Atkinson Design and Heather of Anka's Treasures follows her ... and hot on their heels will be Terri from Whimsicals ... Carrie (who is NOT Miss Rosie) from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co ... and then on the complete other side of the USA will be Linda Lum de Bono and her design company of the same name ... and the cabooze will be Pat Sloan! I think you should check each link before the hop begins, don't you? Get to know the girls.

So here we go! Hang on to your hats ... or your brooms if you're so inclined ... join us for Fall-O-Ween!

Roseann Fall-O-Ween 

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