Everyone's talking about the scarecrow contest at the Minnesota State Fair!
Tattoo art!

Everyone loves a winner!

I especially love winners when they have a Rosebud's Cottage rosette attached to them! We sponsored five quilting awards in the Creative Activities building ... but it's like a giant scavenger hunt to find them all! I found some and a bonus or two. This one was the winner in the baby category. Love the colors. And that curved piecing ... kind of brave ... or braver than me.

This was the winner of the 'my first applique quilt'. Ok ... my first quilt ... much less my first applique (ha ha on that one!) quilt never looked this good! Everyone wants the pattern. Anyone know who designed it?

Another 'my first quilt' winner ... this one in the piecing category. Who are these people! My first qulting project still needs a binding on it ... and I'd never have attempted anything this cool. So out of my league.

One category was for commerative quilts ... the legend they included was touching.

I always think the stories behind these kinds of quilts are just so interesting!

Was so delighted to stumble on Chris' Wool Crazy quilt ... I know she agonized over entering it because there wasn't a perfect lot ... but somehow the lot she picked was the right one and she won a ribbon! Woo hoo!!

The border on this quilt made me happy ... it's so cute as it just skips along the edges. But the funnest quilt by far was the Ole and Lena quilt. Ya sure you betchya!!




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Karen Beigh

The Wool Crazy is my favorite piece.

linda schiffer

That flower quilt with the watercolor background was designed by Rose Hahn of Hahn Enterprises. She has a very good pattern available for it. http://rosemhahn.net

:) Linda


What awesome quilts Roseann. Thanks for the pictures. =)


I saw several of these but I missed that commemorative quilt. I loved that wool crazy quilt and wondered if it was one done by someone in your class. It was gorgeous! I couldn't get a good picture of it so I'm glad you did! I was also glad to see it got a ribbon as the hours one puts into a crazy quilt are soooo many! Please pass my congrats on to Chris. :-)


How fun, thanks for sharing!

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