It's really hard to believe how fast time flies by!
Everyone loves a winner!

Everyone's talking about the scarecrow contest at the Minnesota State Fair!

Lucy and Ricky just can't stop talking about the crowd of scarecrows in the Horticulture Building this year! There are celebrities all over the place.

If you missed Lady GaGa at the XCel Center last week, it's ok. She's still striking a pose out at the fair.

Mama Crow showed up with a whole flock of famous birds!

Other scarecrows could only stand and gawk ... the non-famous of the group were as eyecatching as the celebs!

This one looked like she stopped at the henna tattoo booth up by the skateboard park. Oh wait ... I hit that place, too! Nothing weird about that.

Hmmm ... normal fair attire here, too.

But I'm guessing the most famous scarecrow at the fair is someone every fair goer would recognize ... a Pronto Pup!

And it came with a test! (That's cuz the designer is a teacher ... you know how they are!) (Hi Stacy!!)

But that's ok because it kept the brood of the daycare mom scarecrow busy for a short time. And there were even more scarecrows to see. It was a bumper crop this year! Stop over and check out what my camera missed.




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Kathy ... I've missed me in blogland, too! So much going on ...

Barbie Jo

Oh my gosh, these are so fun, thanks for sharing!


I love a state fair!!!!!Thanks for posting the pics, we've missed you in blog land!

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