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    29 September 2010


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    Love your project! Perfect and easy gift to make.


    thank you very much for the tuto I like it and I want to do one
    have a good day

    Patti Levine

    I can't get enough fall projects and this one is perfect! Thanks so much for the pattern. It's wonderful and using wool is an absolute bonus!

    LuAnne K

    Love this project AND candy corn!


    Thanks for sharing the pattern. Cute Jar.


    What a great way to present a gift of handmade candy!

    Terry B

    Great idea for decorating jars! Plan on doing this one soon.

    Ruth Hawley

    Thanks for the great pattern idea. I'm loving this blog hop


    I sooo love this idea. I make those jars with mixes in them and this is a great way to decorate them.


    Such a cute idea...thanks for sharing!

    Kimberly Burke

    Great fun! Thank you!


    I so enjoyed this bog hop! Thank you for the 'treat jar wrap' pattern. You are so lucky to have the 'Bachman idea house' & many thanks for the pictures!

    Sally Baumeister

    I love fall and have enjoyed the freebie designs you Galfriends have been giving these last days.

    Kim P.

    Adding the real twigs to your wool project was pure genius! Love it!

    Kristi Castanette

    Great gift idea and thanks for the tutorial. This will be fun to make.


    This was fun! Thanks for the pattern. The leaves will be great on other projects too. I need to make some to add to a fabric pumpkin I made a couple years ago.


    I'm not taking any chances. I think I've already posted to all the proper blogs at all the proper days, but I want to be sure. Thank You again for your adorable pattern!!!


    I love your leaves and acorn treat jar...what a great idea for a gift. I have really enjoyed the fall blog hop.

    Judy B

    Thanks for yummy recipe and the treat jar pattern - dressing up the kitchen for Halloween!

    Avon B

    Thanks for all the pictures they always get Ideas flowing.


    lovely!! so cute and such a nice idea for a gift too!! love the colors of fall and the texture of wool! thanks for the patterns!



    Cute jar! Makes me want to use wool, I have never tried it before! The Fall-O-Ween Designer hop has been a great way to get introduced to all these wonderful blogs, I am loving it!


    Such a cute project! I even HAVE some of those big gallon jars around. Now I know what I can do with them. Thanks for the pattern!


    Thank you for the cute and clever project with great directions and tips!
    Beverly in Wa

    Brenda Wiseman

    I really love your project. I think I need to go dye some wool -- I'm trying to keep track of the projects that use wool.

    Thanks for this giveaway.



    Thanks for sharing this with us! It's cute and I love your window box!

    Sharon S

    This is a really cute pattern. Hope I can make some!


    Very cute treat jar! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern and your instructions! Happy Fall!


    Wondertful blog hop and givaway! Thanks for doing this for us all! YOU ROCK! Polly

    Karen Sikes

    Love the pattern and the hop...


    So cute, and a great idea for gifting! Thanks!


    Love the jar, but the lid willnever be on it at my house! love those treats


    Great pattern! I could make that!


    Thanks for the instructions for the treat jar. What a cute pattern for this time of year!


    Thanks for the great idea! I love candy corn.


    This is so cute and such a great fall display item to set out on your counter or table. Great job!


    That jar is adorable! I can think of a ton of things to put in it.


    Thanks for the fun ideas.


    Great way to dress up a treat jar. Love it!


    Love the treat jar. I may just have to expand it to quart size!!


    Thanks for the pattern! Your project is so cute.

    Pam F.

    This Treat Jar pattern is so cute - will be making them for gifts!!


    The pattern is really cute. I love fall!


    Your decoration is wonderful.
    Best wishes from France


    This is so much fun!


    Love your project.

    patty 1

    I love the idea of the twigs used on the leaves...and the other 3 dimensional touches. Very nice. Thanks!


    Your treat jar is very cute although mine wouldn't stay full for very long! Thanks for sharing.

    Wendy N.

    Like the project. Very creative!

    Ethel Snow

    Just wanted you to know that although I didn't make a treat jar your fall embelishment looks great added to my fall quilt.Your twig veined leaver are wonderful. Ethel Snow

    Trina Christenson

    Love this little treat jar. I have just the jar to put your cute decoration on. Thank you for sharing it.

    Linda H

    I loved this jar idea. I always look for ideas to dress up some storage containers in my house.

    Sandy Narayan

    Cute idea for an old jar!Thanks!

    Susan J.

    Thanks for the beautiful pattern. It really makes a simple jar quite lovely.


    Thanks for the jar pattern. Fall is such a fun time to decorate and the wool fabrics are beautiful.


    Adorable project ...I love it!!


    Cute acorns :) Thank you!

    Pálína Björg Snorradóttir

    Cute jar! :)

    Sandra H

    Great gift idea and pattern can be
    used for other projects.
    Love the pictures

    Peggy W.

    I think I posted here before but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the blog hop and the giveaways.


    cute project. thanks for sharing :)

    Leah M.

    What a super neat candy holder. I love it. Perfect for candy corn. Loved all you fall photos as well. Very nicely done.

    Cindy Martin

    I am still unable to read the pdf directions. It is all long black rectangles where there should be words. The pdf of the pattern pieces is fine. Is it just me that can't read the directions?


    have to get some wool now, .... I think
    and candy

    Phyllis Jobe

    Thanks for the cute pattern. Perfect for our big jars.Phyllis

    Gale Lavers

    Love the pattern, however i had no wool to make the jar. I made a hot mat from cottons using your pattern and I love how it turned out. Thanks for the great pattern and taking part in the blog hop.

    Dandelion Quilts

    I love that treat perfect! Thanks

    Nancy Tindall

    Cute treat jar. Will probably make this and bring it to work.

    Shady Brooks

    Too cute!! Love the idea! Thank you.

    Lynn Koeppen

    Cool project! Thanks!

    Penny Fraley

    Very clever use of wool. thanks for the design and the instructions. happy fall!


    Thank you for all of the great ideas and tips on your blog! Love the jar and apple pie! Loving the Fall-O-Ween Designer Hop!

    Pam P

    How cute! This is something I could make in an hour or so! THANKS!
    Pam P


    I'll have to use the acorn template for somehting for my daughter as she collects acorns. Thanks!!


    Thanks for this project! I've been wanting to work with wool-this will be fun!


    So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing.


    cute treat jar. I have to make this now!!


    Another great project - thanks you! Kitty


    I love the treat jar & I love to stitch by hand. Great idea using the twigs! I love it.


    Thanks for sharing this great design!

    Leah Holland

    great tutorial - thanks


    Thanks for sharing this, so cute ! Love your photos too

    Victoria M.

    I love the look of this treat jar and can't wait to make one. Thanks for sharing the pattern and for your tips as well.

    cindy b

    a perfect finishing touch to a jar filled with candy corn, or cookies or homemade caramel corn or......

    Joan Rodiguez

    I'm drying oregano from my garden and plan to give some as gifts. I can use this project idea, thanks.


    Thank you for this project - I'm sure I'll be able to whip one up really quickly!
    Great idea!


    What a fun idea! Since I cannot have candy, I could fill the jar with mixed nuts, spools of thread, potpourri, whatever would be fall-like, pretty and make me smile! thank you!

    Karen Stennes

    Great project idea! Thanks!

    carla louise

    Fabulous design! And a fast and easy project! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!
    carla louise


    Can't wait to try it, I have lots of jars!

    Patty Nordahl

    love the project and your blog has become a must read


    What a fantastic design. thanks for sharing with us.

    Lluïsa Rodriguez

    Thanks for the tutorial ant the pattern. Love it!

    Carrie P.

    What a fantastic design. thanks for sharing with us.


    Cute treat jar--will definitely inspire some great little gifts! Thanks!


    Love the treat jar, the wool acorn and leaves is a wonderful addition to any fall decor.

    Jan Baethke

    Oh my, you gals are really making me miss my Minnesota Falls! Thank you for sharing a fun, Fall, ambelishment for a treat jar. I've got to run out and get some peanuts and corn candy!


    Neat idea! Thanks.
    arjanz at

    Mama Spark

    Great jar, thanks for sharing!!


    love, love, love it!!!! Can't wait to sit down and make a few.

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