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Fall-O-Ween Treat Jar

Fun Autumn snacks deserve a fun place to reside ... until they're snatched up and devoured! Our family loves candy corn and peanuts mixed together ... and for those who don't know, the 3:1 ratio is perfect. Three peanuts to one candy corn ... tastes just like a Salted Nut Roll. I used scraps of hand dyed wool from my basket to make my leaves and acorn ... took a little walk in the woods and pulled down some grapevines ... found an empty jar on the shelf and got to work.

You'll find the directions here ... just download and print.  Download Fall-O-Ween treat jar pdf

And here are the templates for the leaves and acorn. Download Fall-O-Ween jar template 0928

A limited amount of kits are available by calling the store ... 651.426.1885. The kits include hand dyed wool, jute webbing, and a tag, for $13.25. Tax and shipping is extra.

If you haven't worked with wool before, I thought it might be helpful if I gave you a few tips and some quick instructions on how to make the project. Pix are worth a thousand words you know!

Oh ... and THIS is the post where you need to comment to be in the pot for prizes! It's my turn to be the designer of the day.

If you haven't worked with freezer paper templates before, this is how you do it. Lay your freezer paper over the shape design and trace it... paper side is up. Cut around it roughly ... no need to cut on the line yet. Press the waxy side to your wool and then cut out on the line. Pull the template up and do it again ... you need two of everything for the project. I find I can get about four repeats off of a template like this.

Here are some of my favorite tools for when I make my wool projects. I rarely do anything without a tube of Roxanne's Glue Baste. #9 embroidery needles are my choice almost every time ... they'll take up to four strands of floss ... they're nice and sharp but are thin enough to slide through the wool. Clover fork pins and applique pins are perfect for wool. The fork pins are long and great for anchoring larger pieces ... the applique pins are small and sink right into the wool ... I like that my floss doesn't catch on either of these pins as I'm stitching.Tonic 5" scissors are great for cutting out the wool shapes. They're sharp right to the point and their padded handles make cutting comfortable. Plenty of these products in stock ... call the Cottage and we can ship them right out! 651.426.1885.

In the project directions when I tell you to overcast the twigs for the veins, this is what they'll look like when you're done. Make your stitches kind of uneaven and slanted in different directions. It'll give it a more rustic look.

Here's what all the pieces look like when you're done assembling them. When you get ready to put all the parts together, long stitches are just fine. You mostly only want to anchor the pieces so they won't move around on the jar.

Same on the back ... anchoring stitches but make sure you don't go through the front.

I pinned the jute webbing on to my jar and then auditioned the placement of the leaves and acorns. When I was happy with them, I used flower head pins to hold them in place. I flipped the whole thing over and used some large stitches to hold it all in place.

Some other hints ... if you can't find black safety pins, use black spray paint on regular ones. My lid on my jar was shiny so I sprayed it black. Also ... if you don't have black chipboard for your tag just use some black card stock. Use a manila tag as a pattern or cut one out on a die cut machine ... like the Big Shot ... one of my favorites!

If you don't want to fill your jar with candy corn, think about using it to store pretty things you find on a Fall hike in the woods. Or maybe some snips of pretty wool ... or fabric strips. I'm sure you'll find some fun stuff to fill it up with!

Happy Fall-O-Ween!!



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Love your festive jar!

Sue P.

Love it! So much cuter than a plain candy jar.


This Fall Hop is so much fun - thank you for participating and sharing your creativity :)

Olivia Martinez

I have a lot of jars I will make this project for friends

Andrea Payne

I am having a wonderful time visiting these "new-to-me" blogs. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos and projects.

Amanda P

How cute!!! Won't be hard to find this weekend with all the great patterns in this ongoing blog - "the sewing room" Thanks!!


Love working with wool.... only problem is, it is fun to have a stash of it as well as cotton.... they are all soooooo hard to cut up. lol


How dang cute is that! I have to get some jute webbing, today! Love the blog hop!


thanks for a wonderful pattern and falloween ... :)


Great looking treat jar! Thanks for sharing your project.


I just discovered the peanuts and candy corn snack.I love a Pay Day candy bar and the P&CC snack is a perfect taste replica!


Very cute fall jar!! Thank you so much for the pattern.

lorene holbrook

love, love, love the treat jar! AND I love wool. I am a very happy camper here! LOL



This is so cute! I love it.

Jeanne Jones

This is such a cute project. I'm thinking of making fall pins using your patterns.


LOVE the jar decoration! What a great idea for fall. Can't wait to get some wool for my own!


Texture - isn't it funny how much we touch everything, yet we don't necessarily think about the texture in the design, until the quilting part...........hmmmm


Might have to make one for our school office! They love candy!


What a great project - I love it! Wouldn't it make the greatest giveaway table centerpieces? I am going to have to keep this in my hip pocket!


This treat jar is really cute. Thanks for the extra tips!


Such a clever idea for a gift jar. Thanks so much.

Sinta Renee

Much better than the jar I was using! Thanks for the pattern. I love your photos... the many faces of Fall!


What a sweet little jar...thank you for sharing. The treats sound good too!

Sgt Sue in MO

This looks like a fun one to do. Thanks for the pattern!

Nancy B from Many LA

Your project is so cute!


Adorable project! Thank you for sharing.
Trish www.quilttalesandcattails.com

paulette doyle

This is just too darn cute!! Thanks so much!!

Janelle J

Very cute. I always like wool this time of year. It just has that warm cozy look.


A great fall project. Thanks


I love all your beautiful pictures and the treat jar is so cute.


Thanks for the tute! So cute :)


Excellent tutorial- thanks for the patterns too!


What a fun fall project!

Kathy J

Great project idea, thanks!


Great idea! so cute!



That is so great to see what you decided for your project. You are amazing!

from you know who!



Pálína Björg Snorradóttir

A very pretty decoration for fall! I think I might have everything I need to make one of those :D


Sorry I missed posting yesterday but wanted to say that I absolutely adore the treat jar idea! Thanks~!

Leslie Lansdowne

What a great way to store my candy corn (which I am eating as I read and type this!) An adorable project, I can't wait to make it myself! Thanks for the tute!

Bec Clarke

very cute I have some felt that will be perfect for some Fall leaves

Kim G

I love this treat jar, love the wool, but I don't have any, guess I might have to remedy that! Great project


What a clever project! i think it would make a great welcome gift or something to put on your desk at work with fall treats in it for "visitors" to your area.

I am so enjoying this blog hop of Fall. thank you for the pattern and all the clever ideas being shared!

denise/deBRAT in tampa bay FL

Kay B

Love this, thanks for sharing. So many great projects, so little time.


very cute!!! thanks

madame samm

This is no doubt the perfect gift when trying to get some family to think of quilting..sew easy and eye candy there is no doubt...bless you for sharing with us today..

Kitty Letsch

Thanks for helping me get into the "fall" mood - even though in Florida it's still summer!


What a clever idea. Love the acorn.

Maria patchwork

Love the project, heading to the woods searching for something nice to put in my jar. Thanks


What a great idea. It would work in say holly leaves for Christmas treats, or spring flowers for Easter.

Gitte A.

What a creative cover of a ordinary jar


Roseann, this project is so darn gorgeous! I love it!!! Thank you for the pattern, but thank you also for the great tips and advice on your favourite tools of the trade - that's so good to know! Would you be happy for me to post a pic of this project on my blog with a link to you? It's too great not to share!
Hugs!! Vikki xoxo :-)


Love to work with wool so thanks for the great project!!

Kathy Burns

Too, too cute. So lucky I have just the right jar to make pretty with...has buttons right now, but candy corn and peanuts sound good, too!! And the photos -- make me homesick for New England... Many thanks for sharing. Kathyb


Love your wool accents for jars...creative! Thanks!

Marie P.

I love the wool used for the leaves! And thanks for the wool tips. It's always good to have the right tools for the project.

Kathy S

Your pattern is just great. I have been looking for something like this to use for a cute center piece around a large candle jar. Great "snack" recipe also.

Lisa Arndt

This is my favorite project so far. I think this blog Hop is FUN!!


awesome little jar... need a walk in the forest to collect some twigs
thank you

Janet Holland

What a great neighborly Fall/Halloween gift! Your sharing of apples and pie reminds of the wonderful taste and smells of baking this time of year. Thanks for sharing the great Fall pattern!


Thank you so much for the neat pattern! I know I commented yesterday that I really liked the leaves and now you've provided me with the where-with-all to do them for myself. You're the tops!! Thanks :)


Like the jar! Great gift idea!

Thanks for the pattern.

Cindy Martin

Oh,dear! When I tried to download the pdf for the directions, it is all black lines where there should be typing. Help! I really love your jar and would like to make one.

Debbie Evans

Great Fall-O-Ween Treat Jar! Thanks for sharing.
Debbie in WA

Amy V

Thank you for sharing your great pattern.


Thanks for the fun project!



Great project. I love doing fall leaves, acorns and pumpkins.
I have never been able to roll out a pie crust either. Pillsbury boy or cookie crust for me!

Jackie Roisler

Thank you for your original idea tips & pattern, too adorable! And the food, ummmm.


I am definitely making this cute little project! Thanks for sharing it.

Dica Lutz

I've tried your candy corn and peanut mixture and love it. Don't feel bad about the pie crust thing I can't make it either. Dica


Very clever! Candy corn and dried roasted peanuts -- the BEST snack!


What beautiful fall flowers you have in your picture! Thanks for sharing them with us.


What a wonderful patterns - thanks for all of the tips!


Adorable. Thank you for a great project.


Cute project. Thanks!!!

becky mathews

What a cute idea! This would be a great idea for a church bazaar and put some goodies inside. I have not worked with the wool. This will be a first experience. Thank you for the idea!!! becky


Such a cute project. Thank you for sharing the pattern and instructions.


Cute! I like the use of natural items with the cloth.

Denny Aleckson

Love it! I too... love peanuts and candy corn.... good thing I only get them at this time of year!

Vonda Williams

love the project! Am wanting to learn more about wool projects so this is a perfect starter!

Kim Juilfs

Great jar decoration. Thanks for sharing!


Great project! This could easily transfer to other holidays - how fun!!!

Nancy Sue Phillips

Hello from the Washington DC area. Thank you for the wooley tutorial. I'm very much a wool newbie, but everyone who has worked with it, loves it! I need to dip my feet into the water I think. Thank you also for the salted nut roll advice, ie ratio of candy corn to nuts...my husband will appreciate that tidbit :)
nsue21702 at gmail dot com


What a grat treat jar, reminds me of fall in upstate NY. I can think of a few people who might need this. Thaks

Mary Hillstrom

So cute,.. and you just had to remind me that candy corn and peanuts are really good!


Having never worked with wool before, the tips are very helpful. The jar is adorable - and being a fan of peanuts and candy corn, you are correct - salted nut roll definitely!


Another great project!!! Thanks for sharing. And I do love those peanuts and candy corn!!


Great project Roseann! Thank you. I haven't worked with wool much, so the pix really help. I'm thinking maybe filling the jar with small colorful gourds for a decoration at work.


You jar design is wonderful and I've never had candy corn and peanuts, sounds interesting. Thanks for the ideas.


Thank you for your pattern and the giveaway. I have been to your shop both in North st paul and wbl. A very nice shop and you are so helpful.


I love candy corn and peanuts--especially with honey-roasted peanuts!! Yum!! I don't make it often as my husband doesn't like peanuts, and I don't need to eat them all! Thanks for the great jar decoration~I love fall decorations!!


This is an adorable wool project. I was at a family gathering today and they had the candy corn mixed with peanuts - it does taste like a salted nut roll! Thanks for the pattern :)


I have not yet tried candy corn and peanuts. Sounds delicious. Another Fall favorite!

Brenda Wilder

Love the veggies in the windowbox.

Chrys Smethwick

I love candy corn and nuts mixed together! My husband thinks it tastes like a payday bar. Thanks for the jar cover idea.

Sandra :)

This is really cute ... and twigs for veins is BRILLIANT!

Cindi P

I will be calling the shop tomorrow to order the kit...I can hardly wait to make it...and I had forgotten about candy corn and peanuts...nummy :)


What a good idea to use twigs for veins on the leaves. I like this project!

graciela clement

This is a cute, fast, easy an adorable project! Thanks for sharing!! (I hope I can post now...This is the third time I am trying today!!!!)

Louise K.

Thank you for the cute pattern. You are so creative!

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