Fall - color so brilliant it hurts the eyes!
Oh my ... apple pie!

Mmmm ... it smells like Fall outside!

Fall-O-Ween is rolling along and today it's Sandy's turn to wear the witch's hat!  Leave a comment on her blog, don't forget! When I think of Fall, I always think of the wonderful fabric Sandy designs for Moda ... especially the fabric for this season. I love seeing what she comes up with year after year. Don't quit, Sandy!

The sense of smell is a funny thing ... with just one whiff it can transport your mind back through time through long distances in your memory. For some people, Fall smells like bonfires or wet leaves or apples. For me, the smell of mums sends me back in time.

My Mom was an enterprising woman ... she was always coming up with ways to make money and for many years, she planted acres of mums to be sold in the Fall. Much like a pick-your-own-pumpkin farm, when September rolled around, customers would pull into the yard and search for the perfect Chrysanthemum. We always had shovels handy and pots and would dig on demand.

My Mom took pride in having unusual varieties of mums ... things that you couldn't buy in just your average garden center. They had wonderful names and were beautiful colors. But they didn't grow themselves. It was months of planting and pinching and cultivating to get them to look just right. They couldn't place blooms too early because then they'd be bloomed out before the season. July and early August had us all out in the fields snipping and trimming so the plants had a beautiful shape. To this day ... when I get a flower arrangement containing mums and go to strip off those bottom leaves, I'm back to being a teenager on a hot Summer day. And in spite of that,  I still love how they look ... and smell!


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