Mmmm ... it smells like Fall outside!
Fall-O-Ween Treat Jar

Oh my ... apple pie!

My biggest disappointment in life is that I'm a failure at rolling out pie crust! Year's of 4-H and trying to master the technique for the silent demonstrations each year usually left me in tears. I might have gotten purple ribbons for my muffins and cookies but pie? So embarrassing ... I got a white ribbon one time. Most of the time the judges felt sorry for me and gave me a red ribbon ... but never a blue. So because of this handicap, my family has to suffer through commercially made pies.

I grew up on 80 acres in Lake Elmo and we had an orchard ... a very very large orchard! There were at least a half a dozen variety of apples so when Fall came around, we were making a lot of jelly and applesauce. Until the year my Mom found out she could freeze unbaked pies!

Mom went to the restaurant supply store and bought foil pans ... lots and lots of foil pans! As luck had it, there was an abundant harvest that year ... and we had two big deep freezers.

We'd drive the pickup out through the fields and it was filled with empty baskets. The ones on the ground were put into baskets for applesauce and the ones still in the trees were picked and put into baskets for pies. It seems there were a lot more in the trees than on the ground that year!

I knew no good could come from the giant bags of flour my Mom was buying. And I knew those brothers would somehow find a way to escape. That left my Mom, Sue, Kathi ... and me ... and Sue and Kathi had jobs ... I was doomed. Out came the trusted 4-H pie recipe. Download Apple pie recipe.

It didn't take long to get the bakery in full swing. Each pie was wrapped in foil as it was completed and then taken to the freezer in groups. Of course, we couldn't bake any of them because Mom was keeping a tally! In spite of the opportunity to learn the fine points of crust rolling, I was hopeless. Eventually Mom threw her hands up in the air and relegated me to skully maid. I washed dishes, cleaned tables and counters, ran pies to the basement, and peeled and sliced. Oh ... and I had to run the peelings out to the compost pit, too. And go to the orchard for more apples.

I know we made well over 200 pies that Fall. Anytime company came over we baked a pie. Family gathering? Apple pie. Funeral lunch church bake sale potluck? Pie. They took an hour to bake. They were delicious. We still had them in June.

My only regret at being so lame about rolling out pie crust is that I can't make apple pie cuts. So tasty but not for me any longer ... unless my sister Sue takes pity on me every now and then. She makes great pie cuts! Download Apple pie cuts. So when it comes to homemade pie now days ... it's just me and my boyfriend ... the Pillsbury Dough Boy!!



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Trina Christenson

lovin the cute jar. Thank you.

Linda Van Baale

Great idea, thanks for the idea!

judy c

love the project, yummy recipe too!

Andrea Koch

apples are my favorite and the project is super cute!! Hop on over to my SIL blog (ankastreasures) and you will find the best crunch topping for apple pie!!


Loved your post and all the apples pictures. I love falls fresh apples. I can't roll pie crust either-darn.


Such a cute idea for candy , treats or fabric scraps! Looks like its not too hard either. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed your story about the apple pies...I'd love to have that many in my freezer and use them til June!! Great photos too.

Barbara Boe

I'm in the same boat. Can't make a decent piecrust to save my life. My mother and grandmother never measured and used lard in theirs and they came out flaky and tender every time. I may try your piecuts. I have never heard of them. Thanks for sharing. We are planning a family trip with the kids and grandkids to the apple orchard on Saturday.


great project and very good directions for working with wool - thank you


I really like your project, pictures, and story. I have to give you kudos for trying to rollout a pie crust. I have never even tried. I can only be envious of the 4-H; my mom never let me join. Probably was not my forte, anyway, but I still regret not at least giving it a try.

Not only can I not roll a pie crust, I cannot make pie. I have tried. So, it will forever be store bought for me and mine.

Kaye M.

Love your fall project. When I first looked at the picture I couldn't figure out how you did the veining on the leaves. Later you describe using twigs for the veins. Wow how creative is that! It gives it alot of depth and texture to the leaves. Thanks for the clever project.


I love apples but not apple pie. However, those pies look great.

Mary Grace McNamara

I have a recipe for pie crust that uses eggs and vinegar. It is called perfect pie crust because there is not much you can do to mess it up! I'll email it to you if you want it!

John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, was born right here in my little city of Leominster, Massachusetts! He's quite the hero around here and apples are the theme for pretty much everything, especially this time of year!



I love this design! I've been looking for just the right thing to make my 5 bee friends for our Retreat in October - this will fill the bill. I did learn to make a pretty decent crust, but I go visit the Doughboy more often than not! Apple anything works for me, although I love apple muffins!

Laura Hayward

Thank you so very much for the pattern for the cute treat jar. I can think of so many wonderful fall treats i can put in it.


Yep, it's that time of year, isn't it? Apples. We just went to the mountains last weekend and I brought back a big back of apples. These recipes I'm seeing are just what I need. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com


There is no shame in using a premade crust. Better that than no pies!

Loris Mills

I love apples and apple farms. I can't bake anything...especially a pie crust. Great story and post!


MMMMM...I love apple pie...I've never been brave enough to try and make one myself...but my mom makes an amazing pie, so why mess with a good thing? ;)



What a great story. I downloaded the recipe and it is almost the same recipe my Gramma, Mom and now I make. We call it "Apple Block" soooo good on a Fall day. It makes a lot, so now I share with neighbors and friends.

Stephanie in Michigan

That project is so cute! Thanks! I am with you..I love eating candy corn and peanuts together, and you're right! They do taste just like Salted Nut Rolls! Thanks for the fun post!

nevathe diva

I am beginning to think that more of can not make good pie crust. there must be just a few choice people that can. whooo hoo for us that like the Dough Boy!


Love the corn and peanuts everyone thinks we're goofy but then they try it and are hooked. I too cannot make pie crust my favorite aunts no fail recipe failed and she said no one had ever not been able to do pie crust with that recipe. I think she said I was like a steam roller and did not have the light touch. total disgust on her part she finally took pity and made my pie once a year for me. Now she's gone and so we don't have pie anymore and my husband does miss it. Oh well Fall is so great that the candy mix makes up for it. Not Really, but what can one do when they are crust challanged?!

Sue Bennett

mine are store bought crust also. but I can make a mean apple filling for those crust.


Apple pie is my absolute favorite. My Mom used to make a Scotch Apple pie that was to die for. And, her Mince Meat Pie was also another favorite. I really like all of your fall photos. They really capture fall at it's best.


Love the project. I would do just about anything for a piece of apple pie right now. Especially if it had a big glob of real whip cream on top!


Does Bob know you've been cheating on him with the Pillsbury Dough Boy???


ooooohhh, I love apple pie!

Linda H.

Great project,love your pictures, so fallish.

Kathee Aitken

Oh I could relate to your pie crust issues! Now when someone wants to pay me for somethhing I have done, I ask for a Last night I received two huge cases of apples from a neighbour, interested in making pies? I lovce your site and will become a follower.



If you ever try making a pie crust again, try using lots of flour between the crust and the counter as you roll it out and also on the rolling pin. I also use a "scraper" (long spatula like you use for frosting a cake or a a cake or pie server) and with nearly every roll of my rolling pin, I will run the scraper under the crust so it won't stick. I had given up on making crusts when I finally tried this. And, for those times I don't feel like dealing with making it, I'll buy Pillsbury rolled crust in the refrigerator/freezer section of the grocery store. ;o) It tastes home-made to me. LOVED your story!

Kathy Ranta

Cute idea, I love that you used real twigs and vines.I also have some of that jute, so I guess I'm ready to go. You could also put some fall leaves in the jar.

Sandy E

Great apple pie memories.
Makes me hungry just reading about it.


Oh my gosh--I have to go the orchard near me for lunch today--great food and APPLE PIE...but I wish more than anything I could have my mothers pie today--it was known as the best in the world....I never could make pie crust until I was given a recipe for a mix that you keep in the refrig and take out as needed--somehow it always works-rolls out fine...

Thanks for the pattern---love -love it......

Deanna Bassett

Apple pie ....Yum!

Love it in Indiana!


Thanks for the recipe and the great project. I am right there with you when it comes to pie crusts....still can't get it right!

Deb S.

Cute! Love the project.


Going to the orchard tomorrow - will be trying the A.Pie Cuts. I am with you, that I could never make a pie crust until I found a "never fail pie crust" recipe. Thanks for sharing your photos and recipes. HUGS... and stitches

Beth Bush

Love the story and your photos!! p.s. you are not the only one that can not roll pie crust!!! lol

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