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September 2010

Upstairs at the Ideas House

I'll tell ya ... the second floor was just as cool as the first! It started with the decorations going up the stairs.

So seeing the bathroom was at the top of the stairs and we left off in the downstairs bath, let's start there. First off ... how much do five rolls weigh ... and does everyone tie them with jute and I'm missing the boat?


Look at the light above the sink ... and the travel case to hold all that stuff that normally clutters the counter.


And look ... they knew I was coming ... all the towels had Rs on them! Actually throughout the house there were a lot of Rs in general. Wonder who else has an R name.

I loved that they decorated a little window box outside the bathroom window with Autumn decorations. So sweet ... so cute!

This photo display was so darling ... notice they used an old level and then attached coal shovels to it before they added the pix.



I was so busy looking at all the mirrors that I didn't notice that the head board to the bed in the master was lengths of lumber bound together with a metal strap. Someone else told me that later. I need to go back.

No one has an excuse not to know where the dirty clothes go in this house!

Next to the master bedroom was a lounge area ... a tv room ... or I guess you could call it a media room. All I know is that it was a kick back room with a lot of cool stuff in it!


There are so many odd doodads in the house ... like these molds. Know who they are? They are the M&M guys ... but instead of dipping them into chocolate they were dipped into hot plastic to create containers for the candy. They're for sale but I was afraid to look at the price. Chicken.

There are still two more rooms packed with terrific ideas ... can't fit them all in this post. Come back ... you won't want to miss what's next!!



Bachman's Fall Ideas House

Every now and then you get handed a happy little surprise ... accidentally discovering Bachman's Fall Ideas House  was one of them! Bachman's is celebrating their 120th anniversary and have been redecorating the family home as the season's change all year long. Right now it's decorated for Autumn but I'm going to hold off some of those pix for Fall-O-Ween at the end of the month.  I have an abundance of fabulous photos ... ideas for things you could try at home!

In the living room was a machine shop cabinet that they stencilled and turned into a bar.

The wine glasses were made from recycled wine bottles.





They covered the fireplace with tar paper and then wrote a Fall verse in chalk!

Over in the dining room the table was set for a feast.

The clock on the wall was totally recycled parts.




The kitchen had one cool thing after another!




And this is just the first floor. Wait until you go upstairs!!



Tattoo art!

Ok ... it's no big secret that I watch LA Ink ... I know all the quirkiness behind Kat Von D and her needle-fanatic friends ... tattoos just hold a certain fascination for me. But would I ever have myself inked? Probably not ... what if I changed my mind? Besides ... it kind of hurts so I'm not sure I want to put myself through that.

But this Summer, one of the vendors at MarketFest was Sole Shine ... a henna art company from the Twin Cities. It was fun to watch them apply the henna tattoos and everyone seemed to be having a great time. So when I saw them at the state fair, my heart beat a little faster.

I scouted them out one of the first days of the fair ... checked out the designs ... planned my approach. When I knew I could sneak away early one morning I headed to their tent as far away as you could get without leaving the fair grounds! Showed the design I wanted and then Ben freehanded it on my wrist ... I was so stinkin' impressed! 

After it dried they painted on a gluey product to hold it tight to my skin so the henna could be absorbed. It was like ripping off a bandaid when I got around to removing that later in the day. Ouch! But the result was pretty cool ... it wasn't raised up like it is in the pix but just a nice dark brown color all around my wrist. Loved it!

And then I had to have another ... totally hooked ... and luckily Ben was working when I got there. I told him what I wanted and he freehanded it for me again ... and I have to say ... I'm sad that it's beginning to fade. Hmm ... nope ... not ready for the ink and needles. But I can see more in my future!

Create tattoo 


Everyone loves a winner!

I especially love winners when they have a Rosebud's Cottage rosette attached to them! We sponsored five quilting awards in the Creative Activities building ... but it's like a giant scavenger hunt to find them all! I found some and a bonus or two. This one was the winner in the baby category. Love the colors. And that curved piecing ... kind of brave ... or braver than me.

This was the winner of the 'my first applique quilt'. Ok ... my first quilt ... much less my first applique (ha ha on that one!) quilt never looked this good! Everyone wants the pattern. Anyone know who designed it?

Another 'my first quilt' winner ... this one in the piecing category. Who are these people! My first qulting project still needs a binding on it ... and I'd never have attempted anything this cool. So out of my league.

One category was for commerative quilts ... the legend they included was touching.

I always think the stories behind these kinds of quilts are just so interesting!

Was so delighted to stumble on Chris' Wool Crazy quilt ... I know she agonized over entering it because there wasn't a perfect lot ... but somehow the lot she picked was the right one and she won a ribbon! Woo hoo!!

The border on this quilt made me happy ... it's so cute as it just skips along the edges. But the funnest quilt by far was the Ole and Lena quilt. Ya sure you betchya!!



Everyone's talking about the scarecrow contest at the Minnesota State Fair!

Lucy and Ricky just can't stop talking about the crowd of scarecrows in the Horticulture Building this year! There are celebrities all over the place.

If you missed Lady GaGa at the XCel Center last week, it's ok. She's still striking a pose out at the fair.

Mama Crow showed up with a whole flock of famous birds!

Other scarecrows could only stand and gawk ... the non-famous of the group were as eyecatching as the celebs!

This one looked like she stopped at the henna tattoo booth up by the skateboard park. Oh wait ... I hit that place, too! Nothing weird about that.

Hmmm ... normal fair attire here, too.

But I'm guessing the most famous scarecrow at the fair is someone every fair goer would recognize ... a Pronto Pup!

And it came with a test! (That's cuz the designer is a teacher ... you know how they are!) (Hi Stacy!!)

But that's ok because it kept the brood of the daycare mom scarecrow busy for a short time. And there were even more scarecrows to see. It was a bumper crop this year! Stop over and check out what my camera missed.