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Tattoo art!

Ok ... it's no big secret that I watch LA Ink ... I know all the quirkiness behind Kat Von D and her needle-fanatic friends ... tattoos just hold a certain fascination for me. But would I ever have myself inked? Probably not ... what if I changed my mind? Besides ... it kind of hurts so I'm not sure I want to put myself through that.

But this Summer, one of the vendors at MarketFest was Sole Shine ... a henna art company from the Twin Cities. It was fun to watch them apply the henna tattoos and everyone seemed to be having a great time. So when I saw them at the state fair, my heart beat a little faster.

I scouted them out one of the first days of the fair ... checked out the designs ... planned my approach. When I knew I could sneak away early one morning I headed to their tent as far away as you could get without leaving the fair grounds! Showed the design I wanted and then Ben freehanded it on my wrist ... I was so stinkin' impressed! 

After it dried they painted on a gluey product to hold it tight to my skin so the henna could be absorbed. It was like ripping off a bandaid when I got around to removing that later in the day. Ouch! But the result was pretty cool ... it wasn't raised up like it is in the pix but just a nice dark brown color all around my wrist. Loved it!

And then I had to have another ... totally hooked ... and luckily Ben was working when I got there. I told him what I wanted and he freehanded it for me again ... and I have to say ... I'm sad that it's beginning to fade. Hmm ... nope ... not ready for the ink and needles. But I can see more in my future!

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