Fall-O-Ween Treat Jar
Fall finery

tex-ture (teks-cher) - the visual and tactile quality of a surface

Wow ... you guys have been giving the internet a work out and I know you'll be flocking to Kari's blog today for her project. Take a look at the name of her blog ... it makes me smile. And so does Kari ... she's such a and happy and funny person to be around! So glad you guys are enjoying the hop and thanks for all of your wonderful comments and emails! Love it!! You know the best part? As I'm reading the comments I'm clicking on your blogs and now have a whole slew of new ones to read and follow!

One of the most visible qualities about Fall in Minnesota is how rustic it is! The chunkiness of Indian corn and drying cornstalks in the field ... the bumpiness of the ground when you walk through the pumpkin fields ... the flowers and weeds that are beginning to dry ... they have a three-dimensional roughness to them that I love! I know that's why I included the sticks on my project yesterday ... to convey that feeling.

I love to do blogs with a theme. That's why this one on textures was exciting ... I got to go on a camera scavenger hunt! This isn't the first time I've done blogs like this ... I did a textures blog earlier in the Summer ... and my favorite was probably the one I did on the color orange a few years ago. If I have a theme, it's easy to just open my eyes, point and shoot! But even though I knew I had some photos I was going to use for this today, I knew I would need more so I twisted Bob's arm and we headed off to Aamodts Apple Farm in Stillwater. Research is soooo hard!!

Is there anything more rustic and harvesty feeling than a winery in September? Those grapes hanging in clusters ... the wood of the vine ... the texture of the leaves and tendrils. And I believe the vinter at the wine tasting mentioned texture in the wine, too! But I could be wrong. ;-)



I've got this thing about corn ... I have a LOT of pix with corn in them. More than I can possibly show you! And lots of wood. I love old wood!




I'm a sucker for any kind of produce in a wood crate. Or other wood containers. I've been that way since I was a little kid. It's probably because of Grandpa Waldoch and his roadside vegetable stand ... lots of things in wood crates and boxes and they always make me think of him.




There just aren't words to describe the textures in these photos. It's hard to choose but be grateful I'm not showing all 200!




Leaves are so great for texture photos, too. I met this little girl who was rubbing them together in her hands ... she altered their texture and it was cool!



So here's a challenge for you during this Autumn season ... pull out your camera and see how many textures you can find. Go on a camera scavenger hunt!