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    30 September 2010


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    Do I take pictures or do I sew?
    Great ideas and pictures


    There are so many colours of Indian corn, I always wondered if they are grown differently.

    Carrie P.

    Awesome photos. I think I will do just that, go look for textures. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Lavender Dreams

    Wonderful photos! WOW! ♥

    Lovie Ball

    All the blogs on texture have made me look twice at my home. The roughness of the paneling, the feel of the carpet, the faux leather chair, the smooth feel of the curtains, and the ridges of the table runner and placemates. All that just from my computer chair.
    Wonder what I will find when I go into the kitchen - first thought is the cast Iron pans.
    Well I off to take another look at my house.

    Bonnie Nyquist

    Wonderful pictures!! Especaily loved all the apples!!! This Blog Hop is wonderful!!! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


    Beautiful photos! I like the corn ones too.

    Marcia W.

    Thank you for the fall photos of texture - like the corn too. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Judy C

    Great pictures. Thanks.


    Those pictures were awesome, thanks.

    Stacy Kraft

    Your pictures are wonderful!


    I LOVE all your pictures!!!! They bring back sooooo many memories. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!!!!

    Robin Crittenden

    love the old stuff, especially the Bee Skep

    Krist Van Os

    Living in the desert you wouldn't think that we have fall but, we do. It's not quite here yet 102 today. We have lots of texture around here. Great Post!!

    Sandra Cudd

    Your photos are so neat. Can see that I will be checking on everyone's blogs in the future even after the hop is over. You all have such a wonderful way with words & the pictures. thanks so much.


    What fun pictures! I love festive corn too. And the wooden crates are amazing, I love the look of wooden boxes full of apples, I agree, there's just 'something' about those wooden containers! :)


    Thanks for the wonderful visuals! Polly


    Great photos! So inspiring. A great challenge to get out and go on a treasure hunt!

    Sew Create It - Jane

    Love your first apple picture... sums up fall texture perfectly.

    Cherry Lundgren

    I'm out for a walk to find more textures.Its too nice to be inside today.

    Crabby Maudie

    Awesome post! I love seeing photos of neat places to visit, and the various things to see there - it's kinda like a mini travel show for me - I love punkins and gourds, but I hear you about the old wood. And there is also a certain scent when you go into that old barn that just makes you smile, you know?


    I am always amazed at what you capture through the lens of your camera!


    Love the "feel" of your photos :) Thanks for sharing!


    Fall is just the best season! Your pictures are wonderful. I never really thought about heading out with a theme in mind but I'm definitely up for the challenge. I just wish I could do it right now! LOL!

    Lee Ann L.

    Wow! the bees were interesting!


    I love the visual textures this time of year-how a leaf curls just before it falls softly to the ground, the ridges in a pumpkin. I also love the tactile texture of the air-you can feel it changing every day, getting colder and crisper and readying itself for winter.
    What interesting pics, love the bees and skep.

    Deanna Bassett

    Loving all your fall photo's!
    Not much has changed color here in Indiana...looking forward to seeing the change soon!

    This blog hop is so fun! Loving all the projects you are offering...thank you girls!


    Autumn really is the most beautiful season!

    Roxanne Fisher

    I love old wood too.

    Big Rig John

    Love those gourds - heading out of New York City today to farmlands of New Jersey - hope to catch a glimpse of some fall smells, colors, tastes and textures! Can't wait!

    Laura Hayward

    My husband has really become interested in photography. I will have to enlist his help. Beautiful photos!

    Darlene B

    I have to admit that I've never really thought about textures so much - but these pictures are great and will make me think about it more when I take walks in my neighborhood!


    I am luving this blog hop. I'm learning lots and am enjoying the fall projects.

    Your pictures are fabulous....and my husband will thank you for the assignment......going to a winery...oh yeh!!!!!!!

    Angie Wood

    Thanks for posting these great pictures. Be back tomorrow!


    Great fall pictures. It has been fun to visit each blog and read the theme of the day.

    Sue Bennett

    I am loving all the photos of the texture.

    Cindy Carlson

    You HIT me, Roseann. I LOVE wood crates too. I have SO many memories of them from back home growing up - wood crates where Grandpa used to work in the Produce Dept, wood crates for delivering Pepsi/Coke bottles, wood crates (barrels) for wines, wood crates (barrels) of apples as they were being picked off the trees, wood crates stacked up behind the local market after being emptied for selling the goods on the street.

    Oh my goodness, thank you for this memory.

    Happy Fall.


    Wonderful pictures.


    Love all the sights and sounds of fall. Thanks..


    Going to the orchard today - will take along the camera and see what textures I can snap. My newest texture for fall would have to be the softness of a newborn's cheeks - Grandson #2 was born on the first day of fall last week. I had forgotten how soft a newborn's skin is. HUGS... and stitches

    Linda P

    I love the Indian Corn also - I thought it was amazing as a child that only "Indians" could grow it!! Love the husks on the ends and how it looks....your photos were super!! thanks!!

    Beth Bush

    Your pictures are all so beautiful!! Enjoying the blog hop every much...


    I think I just might! It sounds like fun. I'll tell my husband that my blog assignment is to go to a winery and feel the texture of wine. He'll love it!

    And I'm loving the blog hop too! It's been so much fun!

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