Bachman's Fall Ideas House
You're gonna be filled with GLEE after this!

Upstairs at the Ideas House

I'll tell ya ... the second floor was just as cool as the first! It started with the decorations going up the stairs.

So seeing the bathroom was at the top of the stairs and we left off in the downstairs bath, let's start there. First off ... how much do five rolls weigh ... and does everyone tie them with jute and I'm missing the boat?


Look at the light above the sink ... and the travel case to hold all that stuff that normally clutters the counter.


And look ... they knew I was coming ... all the towels had Rs on them! Actually throughout the house there were a lot of Rs in general. Wonder who else has an R name.

I loved that they decorated a little window box outside the bathroom window with Autumn decorations. So sweet ... so cute!

This photo display was so darling ... notice they used an old level and then attached coal shovels to it before they added the pix.



I was so busy looking at all the mirrors that I didn't notice that the head board to the bed in the master was lengths of lumber bound together with a metal strap. Someone else told me that later. I need to go back.

No one has an excuse not to know where the dirty clothes go in this house!

Next to the master bedroom was a lounge area ... a tv room ... or I guess you could call it a media room. All I know is that it was a kick back room with a lot of cool stuff in it!


There are so many odd doodads in the house ... like these molds. Know who they are? They are the M&M guys ... but instead of dipping them into chocolate they were dipped into hot plastic to create containers for the candy. They're for sale but I was afraid to look at the price. Chicken.

There are still two more rooms packed with terrific ideas ... can't fit them all in this post. Come back ... you won't want to miss what's next!!