... a treasure box ...
Farewell Fall ... I'll miss ya!

Dressing up the town!

To celebrate our October Girl's Nite Out in White Bear Lake, the merchants decided to dress up a bit! It's our first annual Harvest Moon Scarecrow Contest and I have to say, it's a pretty competitive event!

I swear ... dressing a scarecrow is a lot like putting clothes on a three year old boy! And I have a lot of experience in that!!

But somehow all the clothes get on and the scarecrow gets stuffed and begins to take on some personality.

Chris has a lot more experience making up faces than I do ... she used to own a salon which was great training for this job! I think our little crow friend is hoping for a make-over, too.


A few final details and we were good to go.

I thought our scarecrow looked great ... but then I took a walk around town. Those girls next door at Mixx are hard to beat!



Talk about attention to detail. The others are just as great, though. I love how everyone has gotten in to it! Keep watching the official town scarecrow page as more pix get added. And don't forget to stop in the stores and vote on your favorite. One of us will win a rosette!! Voting goes through Thursday's Girls Nite Out. (Did you see we're having henna tattoos at the Cottage that night? Sooo excited!!) Come to town and see who's the best dressed! And of course, vote for mine.