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Chilly days make for cozy crafting!

Fall finery

Clothes make the man (or woman) but  Terry knows that no outfit is complete without a cute tote bag with a zippered closure! We've all taken her trademark slogan 'zippers are no big deal' to heart. And I know many of you have commented that Terry and I have some similar pix on our blogs. Well there's a reason for that. We both happened to be at the Bachman's Idea House on the same day at the same time. Imagine that! We were elbowing each other out of the way for the best shots and trying all kinds of distractions to keep each other from capturing the perfect pix. Took us 45 minutes to get to the front door because there was so much to see in the yard! You'll see more of that later but back to what the most fashionable wear in the Fall!

When my boys were little, I waited anxiously for the first cool days so I could wear my scarecrow sweater! It was basically green and looked fabulous with faded jeans. The scarecrow had the best look and I loved the harvesty feeling of the farm he was guarding. But as usual, fashions change and one year I knew my days of wearing it were over. So I carefully packed it in acid-free paper and stored it in a cool, dark place where I faithfully refolded it twice a year. Oh wait ... that's for quilts. I found it folded up in the back of a drawer when I went looking for it.

When it comes to what to wear for Fall, you needn't  look any further than a friendly scarecrow. I was delighted to see a runway of them greeting us when we got to the Bachman's house!

Scarecrows know that the proper footwear enhances any outfit and it's a bonus if you can finish it off with a cool hat!

And every girl knows that a flirty skirt will turn heads. Well ... unless they aren't attached firmly. But that's another matter.

Of course, it's always important to dress appropriately for work. Hat? Check. Scarf around neck to keep out bugs? Check. Gloves? Ooof ... no hands ... scratch that. But embroidered sunflowers on your bibs are sure to impress the boss!

Over at the apple farm someone seems to be sitting down on the job! But the decorative stitching on the patch really adds a nice touch. It's what scarecrows in the know are sporting this season. Recycling clothing is the green thing to do.

A big giant sunflower always makes a fashion statement!

But a cookie cutter look to impress your peers doesn't.

To feel and look your best, always make sure your outfit  is coordinated, clean and appropriate colors for hanging out with hay bales and mums.

Scarcrow on mums


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Carol LaBella

Now where did I put all those overalls I was going to cut up for denim quilts???? You have inspired me to make my own scarecrow for my front porch.

Carol LaBella

Love the scarecrow parade...We are making one now to put out on the porch..Finally fall in Ct.

Laura Hayward

So cute.


Thank you for the scarecrow parade. Very cool and very much this time of year. :)

Bonnie Nyquist

Your scarecrows are a scream!! I loveit!!! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

Kelly Ann

nice sweater...do you have a jean jumper to go with?


Too cute!

Karen T  in ND

I love the scarecrows--but I don't think the crows are frightened. I have my scarecrow up near our front door. Karen T in ND

Louise K.

Thanks for the fashion tips! The scarecrows are so much a part of Fall.

Sandra Cudd

Scarecrow fashions are cute. I have a couple pairs of overalls and when I am working in the garden, they are very comfortable. All those pockets and no waist band digging in. The scarecrows have the right idea. Enjoying all the cute stories. Thanks

Bobbi Delsing

Great scarecrow pics!!

Robin Crittenden

wonderful scarecrows!


I adore scarecrows and yours are particularly wonderful. I'm thinking the embroidered sunflowers were the perfect touch too. Great tips for fall wear...trust me, I'll use some of them when I get up in the morning...that's when I'm in 'scarecrow mode', LOL. Thanks so much for sharing all the great scarecrows.


I love your take on fall fashion!

Krist Van Os

I love scarecrows - It's Oct. 1 time to get decorating.


Love the pictures, welcome Fall.


What adorable scarecrows. The people around here don't decorate like that. I tried to for a couple of years but my pumpkins would always get smashed. So I stopped doing it. But now I can enjoy your pictures. Thenk You for the little taste of fall.

Carrie P.

Such a fun post to read.


Those scarecrows are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them--a real treat!

Linda P

Love the scarecrows, always one of my favorites!! The sweater... very nice - I had one similar, and still do, can't quite make myself send it to the bin, but I don't wear it since "What Not to Wear" made fun of someone else with a similar one - hahaha!! You did sport sort of a "run way" of fashions on your scarecrows!!

Cherry Lundgren

Can't wait to start Terry's new treat bags - but its so nice out maybe its scarecrow time


Cute post with all those fashionable scarecrows! Loved the cinched belt and denim skirt! Quite in style!

Denise Flanagan

Fall is so fun. I really enjoy Terry Atkinson patterns. I have many of them. Thanks for another fun bag with one of your zippers!

Deb Worthman

I love the photos. I love fall and all of the colors.


I love your sweater, keep wearing it, as long as you are comfy, who cares about fashion?


Great pictures again. Love the scarecrows........

Kari Carr

Oh you clever girl. Love it.


I'm not an overall person, but they look good on scarecrows..

Lavender Dreams

I love it! I actually posed with some scarecrows a few days ago and posted the photo! lol Loving all of your posts! ♥

Cindy Carlson

I am giggling as I'm typing this, Roseann. I think it's time I bring out MY OWN overalls - that's likely to SCARE people away...LOL

Happy Fall.

(and yes, I REALLY do have my own overalls!!)


I love all the scarcrows, they are so fun.


Gosh! Love those scarecrows! Polly


ha, ha cute post!

Deanna Bassett

Love those scarecrows!
I made mine a few years ago with my sons child size bibs...so cute!

Can't wait to make one of those cute sweet zip bags!
You gals are great!


Loved your scarecrows! Great pictures!

Sue Bennett

Oh the scarecrows are wonderful.


Not for nothing but those scarecrows are stylin!!


I love that I didn't even think of clothing for scarecrows when I thought about what you gals might post today! Too much fun!

Leslie Schmidt

For me, scarecrows are in the same category as clowns. Too scary!

Lovie Ball

Scarecrow fashion. Wondered what happen to my bib overall with the sunflowers.

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