Let the party begin!
You say 'witch' like its a bad thing!

Fall traditions around White Bear Lake!

2010 homecoming

One of the traditions we have here on Fall-O-Ween is to announce the designer of the day ... someone who doesn't get to see the seasonal changes like I do ... and who has the largest white shirt collection of anyone! Go check out Carrie's blog!

We are so lucky in WBL that our school colors are the same as Halloween! Shop owners can get some extra mileage from their decorations. The date of the annual homecoming parade moves around each year and attracts lots of families and teenagers having a great time! I know it's not as big as the ones  you'd see in Texas, for instance, but its fun and everyone looks forward to it. Great place to catch up on the latest town gossip,too.

There's always lots to do to get things buttoned down for Winter. This is the best time of year to plant new trees ... grew up in a landscaping business so I know these things ... and to plant bulbs ... Mom was a massive gardener so I know to do this as well. Moving around perennials ... cutting back dead foliage so it doesn't mold ... and then the massive and continous leaf removal. Unfortunately I'm gone during the daylight hours and can't participate in that tradition!


And then there's the tradition of raising the largest pumpkin and taking it to be weighed at Stillwater's pumkin weigh-off. This one was huge ... had to have taken a truck to get it there ... and strong armed men!

Maybe take in some leaf peeping in a different way.

The Parade of Homes is something lots of people in the area do each Fall. Everyone is looking for ideas they can use to make their homes a haven as Winter comes rolling in. #28 is right near downtown ... you could still smell the paint in the air as it's that brand new. Everyone is sprucing up ... I noticed lots of painting and remodeling trucks around as I walked the neighborhood. I'm having a window washer come this week to do the outsides ... first time ever. New furnace being installed on Wednesday. (And for those of you who have been tormenting me for years ... Bob's having them put in AC when they do the replacement!! I'm swooning.)

Lawn signs are popping up all over the place ... I can handle them a little bit better than the ads on tv. Good choice on colors there, Carol!!

The Art Center always gears up for Fall and our favorite thing is when they do an iron pour on one of the cool nights ... nothing more fun than watching molten metal cool! Really. It's pretty fun!

The Friday morning farmers market gets more action as everyone knows it's not going to last ... end of October and colder days will shut it down. Best selection for end of the season produce and pumpkins and bittersweet. And pretty flowers, too!


Over at the Cottage we're laying in big supplies of wools and patterns ... clearing out the last of the Fall and Halloween fabric as we get ready for the next 'season' of goods ... getting ready for the retreat ... all part of our store tradition.

So what are your traditions in your town? How do you Celebrate the Harvest?