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Things I've seen!

Noooo ... Fall-O-Ween is almost done!!

I can't believe it. After today the blog hop is over ... well ... except for pulling names of the prize winner! And here's how that's gonna happen. You have until Friday to make a comment on the project day of each of the designers ... so that's ten comments. Then Gudrun will pick names ... we'll all go through our comments on our project day and verify that the names she chose commented. And then we'll announce the winners so you have to come back!

But first there's one more designer and that's Pat Sloan! Did you know that Pat has her very own online radio show ... and that I get to go on it and talk from time to time? Yup ... and if you listen in on October 18th, you'll be able to hear my voice! Fun times, huh?

Believe it or not, we're still sleeping with our windows open but mostly that's because we have plenty of quilts to keep us warm! There's nothing better than to wake up early to the sounds of owls, or geese, or turkeys on mornings like this. And it's even better when the quilts we're snuggling under are made in Autumn colors. I bet you have a panel in your stash that you could whip up with this free pattern on All People Quilt! (You can find many of my designs on their website as free downloads.)

Some of the best antique shows are in the Fall around here. Bob and I headed out to the one at the state fair grounds Sunday and there were more quilts than usual there. I'm a total sucker for Log Cabin Quilts. My very very favorite block.

And Nine-patch blocks. Who doesn't love them???


And I love Flying Geese and use them often for fillers or symbolism in my quilts.

Cheddar and red ... does it get any better? Think of that for your next quilt!

I don't use all of our quilts on the beds ... sometime they're on tables or hanging off of shelves ... or peeking out of an open drawer ... or maybe stuffed in crocks or stoneware bowls.


Wool quilts are fabulous as we head into Winter.  Did you know it's really not that hard to machine sew wool into traditional quilt blocks? I have one I've been working on for a bit and love how wool changes the look ... much more texture. It's interesting to work with ... give it a try sometime!


I love that the lighter quilts in our pile seem to automatically go to the bottom and those with Fall or darker colors rise to the top.

Every day I have a new favorite quilt ... but for right now the one I love most is this little darling that I picked up at the antique show. Sweet, huh? Make or buy a new quilt this Fall!