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October 2010

Let the party begin!

Who doesn't love a good party? Well obviously you guys cuz you're taking part in Fall-O-Ween! So before we get going ... what do you think Terri is up to today?

When my boys were small, all of my mom friends would get together and we'd create these elaborate Halloween parties. And even though we told ourselves it was to enrich the memories our children would have, it was mostly to keep ourselves occupied while we all stayed home raising kids. You can only do so much laundry, you know?

So when I went to the Bachman's Idea House, I was sick that I hadn't thought of some of the stuff they did!

They had turned the garage into party central ... it was spooky looking and cool. No one would be able to resist the sweets buffet.

They thought of everything you'd want to snack on and then packed it in stinkin' cute containers.

I thought it was interesting how they took items from the science lab and added them to their display.


Great idea on how to use those framed fotos you found in Grandma's attic!

These bats were great. They were cut from black paper but then pushpinned into the wall with the wings pinned to look like they were all flying.


I could see doing this on the porch for Halloween ... it was fun looking and easy to do. The bats weren't all the same size so they really had some dimension.

On the front porch, everything was set up for pumpkin carving.

On the lawn, it was fun and games, too!


Pumpkin bowling and the pumpkin derby looked like so much fun!

If you wanted to get away from the Halloween party, there was a dining area on the other side of the lawn. I'd love to have this by our firepit.



I want a do over. I want my kids to be little again so I can have a Halloween party just like this! Or maybe ... maybe I'll hold out for some darling little grandkids that I can dress up and party with at Halloween!


Chilly days make for cozy crafting!


Did you see all the sweaters Heather had yesterday? Please tell me she didn't make! But something tells me she did. Can't imagine what she's got going for us today! Don't forget to comment on her blog for prizes.

Right about this time of year I go into some kind of seasonal crafting frenzy. It may be the intensity of the colors ... but the fact that I used to do a TON of craft shows from September to December might also have to do with it. I have certain pieces that I bring out from year to year and when I see them, I remember exactly where I was when I made them. Like my little love birds in my pix ... it was in a studio space in downtown White Bear Lake right above Dominos. I had a corner view and could see so many cool sights from the windows. I painted it in August so I could enter it in the fair. When I bring it out, I'm right back at that table in front of the window ... painting linework and remembering the view. I loved that place!

I love this wool piece so much that I made one for all the other seasons, too! It was for a club we had called the Muddy Sheep Wool Club. Each meeting the members got another basket to make ... good thing we only met every other month cuz that would have been a lot of fast stitching! I actually made this piece twice. The first version was done with wood appliques that I painted by hand and mounted on to these beautiful backboards. Lots of 3-D and layers. I loved them. They were designed for the gift industry and some of you might have some in your home. Oh ... and I just remembered! If  you have the 2010 American Patchwork and Quilting calendar and turn to November, you'll see the full size wool version and you'll have the pattern, too. Make one!!

Run and get a copy of Scrapbooks Etc and look for my paper project! Everything you need to host a harvest celebration is on the pages. I made this last June and it had a LOT of pieces. For those of you who've been to the workshop ... I had them laid out all over the floor in groupings ... large leaves small leaves acorns wreaths invites banners ... I had to keep it all straight and thankfully I have a large expanse of open floor!

Each season, we change out the painted cheeseboxes on the bench at the bottom of the stairs. Whenever I do that, I think about my friends who took those classes with me at the Wooden Cove. We slaved over those boxes and three of us finished all four of them. They are one of my favorite pieces ... I loved painting all the little details and learning the techniques for shading and highlighting that made them come to life. But mostly I liked that my pals and I would pile into someones car and go to class together. Kinda what its about, huh?

I totally loved taking part in this banner swap last September. I couldn't bear to put it away when Fall ended so it is now a permanent fixture on my big black cabinet in the hideout.

Little needlefelted pumpkins. Can you stand the cuteness?

And then we wander over to the Cottage where there's a bunch more Fall projects anyone can make.




I don't know about you but I like working within the season I'm living in. I don't care for Christmas fabric in May because I'm thinking flowers ... and I like to do patriotic stuff about the middle of June. On my worktable right now is a big wool pillow with leaves and acorns and also a glittery Halloween kit from Tinsel Trading. But creeping right along the edge of the table is a Christmas project. My mind is leaning toward that a bit but for right now I'm going to enjoy Autumn!


Fall finery

Clothes make the man (or woman) but  Terry knows that no outfit is complete without a cute tote bag with a zippered closure! We've all taken her trademark slogan 'zippers are no big deal' to heart. And I know many of you have commented that Terry and I have some similar pix on our blogs. Well there's a reason for that. We both happened to be at the Bachman's Idea House on the same day at the same time. Imagine that! We were elbowing each other out of the way for the best shots and trying all kinds of distractions to keep each other from capturing the perfect pix. Took us 45 minutes to get to the front door because there was so much to see in the yard! You'll see more of that later but back to what the most fashionable wear in the Fall!

When my boys were little, I waited anxiously for the first cool days so I could wear my scarecrow sweater! It was basically green and looked fabulous with faded jeans. The scarecrow had the best look and I loved the harvesty feeling of the farm he was guarding. But as usual, fashions change and one year I knew my days of wearing it were over. So I carefully packed it in acid-free paper and stored it in a cool, dark place where I faithfully refolded it twice a year. Oh wait ... that's for quilts. I found it folded up in the back of a drawer when I went looking for it.

When it comes to what to wear for Fall, you needn't  look any further than a friendly scarecrow. I was delighted to see a runway of them greeting us when we got to the Bachman's house!

Scarecrows know that the proper footwear enhances any outfit and it's a bonus if you can finish it off with a cool hat!

And every girl knows that a flirty skirt will turn heads. Well ... unless they aren't attached firmly. But that's another matter.

Of course, it's always important to dress appropriately for work. Hat? Check. Scarf around neck to keep out bugs? Check. Gloves? Ooof ... no hands ... scratch that. But embroidered sunflowers on your bibs are sure to impress the boss!

Over at the apple farm someone seems to be sitting down on the job! But the decorative stitching on the patch really adds a nice touch. It's what scarecrows in the know are sporting this season. Recycling clothing is the green thing to do.

A big giant sunflower always makes a fashion statement!

But a cookie cutter look to impress your peers doesn't.

To feel and look your best, always make sure your outfit  is coordinated, clean and appropriate colors for hanging out with hay bales and mums.

Scarcrow on mums