Noooo ... Fall-O-Ween is almost done!!
... a treasure box ...

Things I've seen!

My camera just seems to turn it's lens at some of the most unusal things! So in addition to looking at all the quilts at the fair grounds on Sunday, I also managed to find some more cool things. And for the record ... I usually ask permission to take pix unless its an overall shot. My camera fits in my pocket and is really small but sure does take some great fotos! It's a Pentax for those of you who have asked me.

What is it about those trees?

I loved how this booth had everything set up by color and type of tool. The owner told me he's a bit compulsive. Hmmm. You be the judge!



Wow ... talk about some wide-eyed looks!

I love all the glittery Christmas stuff. I'm thinking of building myself a group of Putz houses this year ... been wanting to do that for a long time!

But maybe I'll just glitter some pinecones instead.

More quilts cuz we love them soooo much! But need to get back to the current season!

I've read through all of your comments from our Fall-O-Ween blog hop. You guys are great!! It is so intense while it's happening ... remembering to post on time ... keeping the daily themes straight. I've been carrying a checklist around on a clip board and it seems pretty weird not to have to do that anymore. I'm sort of at a loss on what to write about next! I was hoping I wouldn't bore anyone with all the Fall pix but man ... it's been such a colorful Fall this year that it's really hard not to show it off. And I know a lot of you were charmed by White Bear Lake ... trust me ... what I put up is just a tiny snapshot of the whole place. Great community ... lots to do ... tons of memories for me raising our family here. If you're in the Minneapolis St Paul area, you need to put it on your list! So now it's going to be weird to go back to normal blogging ... but I promise to do my best to keep on the hunt for interesting things to see through my camera's eye! Come back soon ...