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    17 November 2010


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    Carol in E TN

    Great ideas! And I think your recipe sounds wonderful!


    You have some great tips for small talk. Thanks.

    Joan Kruse

    The recipe sounds yummy.


    Thanks for the recipe.

    Stephanie M

    Love the variety of cookies we are getting. These sound scrumptious. Thanks!!
    I have to tell you, your photos on the blog are so fun. You can capture things so perfectly!

    Cindy in TN

    The cookies sound wonderful

    Cecilia Young

    I like to ask questions about their families and themselves and that seems to get a conversation going quickly.


    Nice cookie recipes!! Love 'em Thank you


    I've never seen these cookies before. Will have to make them.


    Yummmm. This is a different kind of cookie or recipe. It sounds wonderful. Thank you.


    I'm with you....I actually feel sick knowing I have to keep chit-chat going. Thanks for your tips....and the recipe!


    The titles of your recipes sound awesome, but I only see a blur when I open them. Is there another way for you to post them? The Misletoe Make and Bake is lots of fun. I love collecting new recipes and fun projects to make.


    Sigh. Another delicious recipe. My mouth is watering LOL

    Sandie Emig

    Great small talk ideas! As for the Queen, SO glad I live in the US!


    Thank you for the great recipe!


    Judy S.

    Am loving all these recipes. Thanks so much. Judy S.

    Kathleen B

    I agree with the small talk tip. Everyone doen't want or need to know your life story. Thank you for the cookie recipe. ~Kathleen

    Mrs. DillyDally

    OMGosh Good Golly! I haven't had these since I can't remember when! Think I will have to give them a try! Just thinking about it brings back a flood of memories! Thanks!

    Pat B from MN

    Small talk can be hard. I have no problems in work situations, but freeze at social occasions.


    Great tips!! Thanks for the yummy recipe, too!

    Leslie Schmidt

    Those are some really good tips. I'm not a party animal, either, and tend to cling to my husband where ever we go. And the strawberries sound really yummy. Do your fingers turn red from rolling the dough in the Jello and red sugar?

    Barb Colvin

    I think I was over-the-hill before I learned how to walk up to someone and say, "Hi, my name is Barbara." I used to sit in corners or hang out on the fringes and just watch or listen to people. Being shy/insecure is tough.

    Pat Dillard

    Thanks for the great tips for Christmas partying!! And the recipe looks good.


    Thanks for another wonderful cookie recipe!

    Lynn M

    Thanks for the "mingle" tips. I'm going to try some at our office Christmas party this year. The recipe is great, too.

    Janet S

    strawberry is my youngest daughters favorite. i'll have to make them for her

    Kathy H

    Very helpful tips when at a party. Thanks for the recipe also.

    Alice M

    The cookie recipe sounds great, can't wait to give them a try.

    Karen Scheitlin

    Sounds like a great recipe, looking forward to trying it. I think if you can find something to complement someone on, such as their hair or clothing - it makes them feel good. I'm all about making people feel more self confident!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Cindi C

    Those cookies sound wonderful! Can't wait to try them. Thanks.

    Melissa Corry

    I love the title of the post. LOL


    Loved the picture of the ice (snow) flake. Did you take it or borrow it? I would rather visit one on one and not in a crowd. Thanks for your suggestions and the recipe. I am really enjoying this mistletoeing. HUGS... and stitches

    Karen C.

    These will add a splash of color to a cookie plate. Thanks!


    Very wise list of cocktail party to-do's. Thank you! Most important one for me, have something to hold ... never know what to do with my hands :)


    I tried to download the recipe but the download was emty.... Will try again.

    Sharon W

    These cookies sound great. Hope I have a chance to make some. Thanks.


    All these new cookie recipes to try out is fantastic! Thanks!


    All these new cookie recipes to try out is fantastic! Thanks!


    Great cookie recipe. So many possibilities to change the flavor! Thanks.

    Mary Jo

    I can't believe you are shy! Thank you for the yummy recipe! These just may be my "special" cookies, too!


    Sounds like a winner recipe..and pretty, too! Thanks for sharing:)


    Thanks for the recipe.


    My daughter loves anything strawberry! We will have to try these!


    Those strawberry cookies sound very interesting...and thanks for the small talk tips.

    Deb E

    This recipe looks so yummy and I want to say Thank You again for the time spent for hop


    Thanks for the tips! And the recipe sounds really nice!


    Thanks for the recipe, sounds so good. The tips are great, will come in handy.


    My daughter loves strawberry, might have to try these!


    Wow, a wealth of wisdom for conversation starters!

    Mary Ann

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I am enjoying the hop!


    Thanks for a great recipe. These look yummy.

    Darlene B

    What great suggestions - I hate getting "stuck" by someone for too long. I like your ideas of how to escape....

    Kathy B.

    Got to remember your tips - especially the one that it's "small talk" so keep it light, and the other about not locking yourself into being with the same people all evening. Unique recipe, I'm trying to imagine what taste they will have, so I'd better try them out! Thanks!


    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I think it is so special to have a cookie that you only make at Christmas time.

    Miss Sherry

    I have been making these cookies for years and only at Christmas! They look so pretty on a plate, adding a nice touch of color! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Donna A

    I love anything strawberry! And I want to try ALL new recipes!


    So, Bobbi, I'll bet wetting my knickers in front of the Queen would be quite the conversation starter!


    Day 3 - Wow...what a great-sounding recipe! Thank you!

    Bobbi Delsing

    Ok...better not make these until I've had some sleep. I can see where they would be the opening for conversation.And did you know you can not go to the bathroom if you are visiting the Queen??

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