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    20 November 2010


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    Lavender Dreams

    What fun! Thanks for sharing! ♥


    Another yummy recipe!! YUMMO!! Thanks for this hop! It's really gotten me ready for the Christmas season! Polly


    It has been a fun blog hop with lots of fabulous projects and recipes. Thanks for sharing.... sorry to see it end. Happy Holidays!

    Kathy H

    Thanks for all the great recipes and tips this week. It was a lot of fun.

    Cindy in TN

    Thanks for all the recipes. This was a great hop!

    Leslie Schmidt

    It's been a lot of fun "traveling" to new blogs and rounding up new recipes. Thanks for doing this. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Judy S.

    The Make & Bake Blog has really been fun.. Thank you for the ideas and recipes. You have a great blog. Judy S.

    Barb Colvin

    Seems like we only use dates at Christmas time. No real reason for not using them year round as they keep well. Thank you for sharing your holiday self with us. It's been oodles of fun ;0D


    Thanks for all the yummy recipes. The Mistletoe Make and Bake Blog has been fun!


    ohh ahh dates.. and an easy peasy recipe how nice...
    also looking forward to the pics you tease us with....


    Thanks for all your inspiration and good ideas

    Sandie Emig

    Thanks for all of the great recipes and the pattern this week - I'll definitely stop by again!

    Suzanne Nelson

    Thanks for a lovely week of ideas, recipes and fun..


    This has been so much fun. I have lots of recipes to use now. Thanks again for the pattern.

    Jen Ward

    Thanks for the recipe and being part of the hop and all the recipes


    Thank you for a great week.

    Carol in E TN

    I haven't done a cookie exchange for years, but if I ever do again I will remember your tip!

    Diane Pruitt

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    Ooh... More date cookies! YUM!!! Thank you so much for participating in putting out all this fun for us.


    Loved all the recipes and stories. Thank you.


    Thanks a bunch for sharing this recipe and the exchange tip, too! Most of all, thank you so very much for sharing all your recipes, tips and ideas and your wonderful project with us during the Mistletoe Make and Bake, this has been the most fun! I could kiss you all under the mistletoe for all the wonderful things you all have shared with us. Thanks again bunches, and Merry Christmas to you and yours! HUGS... and stitches

    Karen Scheitlin

    I meant to write in my post the following in my post earlier. Where were these photos taken? And you take wonderful pictures with great attention to detail and composition. Thank you again and enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family!


    thank you so much! This hop was sew fun and the recipes all look sew delicious!! Thank you for your time and efforts! I'll be back :)


    All the projects and recipes have been fun, Thank you. I appreciate all the time that you put in to the Make and Bake blog hop, and hope that you have a happy holiday. Thanks again.

    Stephanie M

    Love the recipes....Thanks for the blog.


    This has been a great week of sharing Xmas stories, cookie recipes and crafts. Now I am in the mood for Xmas. Thanks so much.


    These cookies sound good....dates & the crunch of rice krispies.....YUM! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see more of your pics.


    And here we are at the end of the road,er, Blog Hop. Love those Santa's at the top of today's post. Are they salt shakers? Your cookie took me back to my childhood. I remember my parents buying stuffed dates. Basically, they were a date stuffed with, something. Hey, that was DECADES ago LOL


    One of my favorite hoiday cookies are the date pinwheel cookies. I love the recipe you have given us because it is so much easier than those (which is why I've never made them - too much work) and yet, have the same flavors and the added coconut too. This sounds SO much easier to make. Thank you.

    Diane Pickthall

    This has been my first blog hop and it has been great fun and I love the recipes. Your cookie swap story sounds like a page right out of the "Christmas Cookie Swap" book (not sure of the name or the author--short memory :-)

    Pat Dillard

    The Shop Hop Blog has been so much fun!!! Thank you for participating in it.


    Thank you so much! This has been a fabulously fun blog hop. Now we need a week-long exercise blog hop to burn off all these cookies lol! I have a bunch of new recipes and projects to try now so I better get busy.

    Joan Kruse

    Great blog hop. It's been fun.

    Kathleen B

    My daughter used to live near Hudson, Wisconsin! It has some adorable shops. Thank you for all the recipes and projects. Happy Holidays! ~Kathleen

    madame samm

    You know something Roseann?..I am sew much sweeter this week...imagine
    thanks for the very sweet tour...and note HOME For the HOLIDAYS. sew there lol


    Thank you so much for a week full of fun, sharing recipes and projects, memories and ideas. It's been a blast! I can only imagine how much work goes into pulling off something like this, and I hope that you and the other bloggers all know how much it was appreciated. I'll be back to visit all of you on a regular basis. Oh, almost forgot - I love dates no mater how you slice them or roll them! I'm wondering how the Rice Krsipies fit into the recipe - should be interesing! I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    Sharon W

    I have enjoyed this blog hop so much. Hope you do it again. Thanks for all the recipes. Could you just help me find the time to get everything made?

    Karen Scheitlin

    Thank you for the recipes, traditions, laughs, pattern, pictures, advice, links and downright fun we have had this week. This has been a wonderful blog hop! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    Mrs. DillyDally

    Thanks for a wonderful week Roseann! I've loved every bit of it! Especially appreciate a gluten free recipe for Daughter DillyDally! Have a wonderful holiday season! Thanks again!

    Cindi C

    Thanks so much for sharing! Both the cookie recipes and the project. It's been such a fun week!


    Your recipe sounds great! Thanks.


    Your picture of the ceramic Santas reminds me of the mugs we had as kids - I think my mom made them at a ceramic shop on a military base a LONG time ago. They were a favorite!
    Thanks for all your recipes & project for the hop!

    Kathy B.

    Thanks for another sure hit cookie recipe. Love making fruitcakes, so I'll make sure to buy extra dates to try out these treats as well. Thanks again for all of the extra work you've done to help make the blog hop such a success!

    Mary Ann

    Oh my gosh, my brother lives in Hudson, wave to him for me as you cross the river, he's south of the bridge. Thanks for all the great recipes and the wonderful projects, this has been fun!

    Alice M

    thanks for the recipe


    We love dates these sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing this week!

    Deb Austin

    Thank you for the recipes and doing the blog. I have enjoyed it all. Deb A

    Mary Jo

    I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed all the projects and recipes from the blog hop! Than you so much for all your hard work! I have gained a lot of recipes and project ideas to treasure for many years!


    It's been a fun blog hop. Thanks for all the recipes.

    Pat B from MN

    Thank you so much for all of the recipes and the project.


    This blog hop has been a ball this week. Thanks so much. I've eaten date balls before, but never made them. Can't wait to try. Thanks !!


    Thank you for participating in this fun bloghop and for all the yummy recipes. Happy Holidays!

    Deb E

    Thank You for the Hop Sorry it has to end Lots of new recipes, tips , projects and fun
    Want to Wish You a Happy Holiday
    Thanks Again


    The birds are lovely!!!! Thanks for this fun week together. I learned a lot of new recipes. I made a post on my blog about it.


    Thanks so much! It was fun to visit every day! And I love all those recipes! Now I am off to bake...!Lol!
    Be blessed


    Thank you so much for this week's fun!
    Oh, the pressure of making a plate of cookies! Been there!
    I like the tip! Use a tried/true recipe!
    We've enjoyed exchanging with our neighbors, making home-made ornaments to top off the plate is an added touch. The hugs and holiday greetings between neighbors is the best of all!

    Love recipes using Dates...Mmmm! Thank you!
    Happy Holidays!

    Miss Sherry

    Thanks so much for such a fun week. We had blast and have a whole new cache of cookie recipes to chooose from.

    Darlene B

    What great advice - but I really want to try some of these new recipes for a cookie exchange I have in a couple weeks! I guess I'll have to try them ALL first and then decide which ones to bring... ;)


    Honestly, I have nver tried date cookies, but several of the recipes this week indicate that I might be missing out on something good...hmmmmm. Thanks for shairng all your recipes and holiday ideas.

    Bobbi Delsing

    Thanks for the great week. So much work for much fun for me!

    Deanna Bassett

    I sure am enjoying this Cookie exchange!Lots of wonderful cookie recipes!

    Thank you all

    Donna A

    More than 20 years ago I had the first cookie exchange at the hospital where I worked. It was very cold that day and I had hot apple cider with cinnamon schnapps. That was a big hit, as were the cookies, and they have had one every year since.


    Had such a great time this week. Thanks for the recipes, hints, tips and of course the project!

    Janet S

    thank you so much for all of the great recipie and projects. This has been a really great week. I enjoyed it so much. Have a very merry Christmas.


    This is my first hop and it has sure been fun. Thanks1


    Thank you so much for participating in the HOP! I have had a great week reading everyones recipes and projects!

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