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    18 November 2010


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    Judy S.

    Great cookie recipe. thank you Judy S.

    Carol in E TN

    I have to control my magazine buying! It takes over your house!!!


    I feel the same way as you about the Christmas magazines. Especially the cooking/baking ones. I go through them early on, and come up with an impossible list of all the things I want to make!

    Joan Kruse

    Great recipe.


    I won't get rid of any of my craft books either. The magazines I have to cull when the collection takes up too much space, but unwillingly.


    Thanks so much for the recipes and the cute little project

    Stephanie M

    Recipe sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

    Cindy in TN

    Yum. Thanks for the recipe!

    Sharon W

    Thanks for the recipe. This blog has been so much fun.

    Cecilia Young

    I don't really have a go to book, we just keep doing the same things with a few additions.

    Darlene B

    I don't have a special "Go To" book - I just pull out all the recipes for Christmas cookies and get baking! Although, now I have a lot more options than I ever did before!

    Janice Constantine

    I have to say I love my huge collection of Christmas magazines and my Southern Living Christmas Year Books-I even like to look at these in the summer!

    Suzanne Nelson

    Love your comments. I couldn't download your recipes. Humm


    I looking thru magazines to find new decorating ideas for the holidays.


    Thanks for the great sounding recipe!!

    Karen C.

    I love the special Christmas magazines too. I can't seem to resist them.

    Mary Ann

    I can't pass up all the special cookie magazines every year...just like I couldn't pass up this blog hop!


    Looking forward to YOUR day tomorrow!


    I can resist the magazines most of the year, but as soon as they say 'Holiday' on them I'm a goner.

    Mrs. DillyDally

    Holiday books and magazines are a weakness of mine as well! What a way to dillydally! Cookies sound great!

    Barb Colvin

    Wow, a good old-fashioned cookie recipe. One that takes a little extra effort to make, and for me that means the cookies will be filled with a little extra love!


    I'm with you; I love holiday magazines!!! I save Martha and the Better Homes & Gardens cookie/baking issues.


    I'm like you.....I just love those Holiday cookie magazines. I have a pile of them each year! Your cookie today sounds GREAT!

    Janet S

    what a great cookie. Yes i'm a magazine holic tooo

    Sandie Emig

    Great recipe! Thanks for getting involved in the hop! It totally gets me in the mood for the holidays!

    Pat Dillard

    I'm also a magazine collector, especially the Christmas ones. Thanks for the recipe too.

    Alice M

    Thanks for the great recipe

    Leslie Schmidt

    I'm like you, I have to possess these wonderful books and magazines! And I never seem to have enough. The recipe sounds good, but it would wreak havoc on my colitis! Oh, well. Thanks.
    P.S. I knew those were shots from Kowalski's. I love to wander around in there and just admire all the neat stuff.

    Cindi C

    You are so right! I love, quilting...I keep them and thumb through them time and time again. Thanks for sharing both the thoughts and the cookie recipe!


    Nope...I can't resist a good Christmas cooking/baking magazine, so you're not alone...& Martha Stewart is a given...LOL! Thanks!

    Kathy S

    All my favorite things in these.
    Yumm. Thanks, this one is a keeper. KS


    I collect any and all quilting magazines. I also collect cookbooks, especially holiday ones!


    I have to confess, I am addicted to magazines especially quilting and cooking related ones. Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe.

    Pat B from MN

    I like the glossy Christmas mags too.

    Deb E

    Thank You for the yummy recipes I collect magazine also I'll sit for hours just looking through them Hard to part with sometimes Lots of good memories in some of them Thank You again and can't wait to see your project tomorrow

    Mary Jo

    I am also a magazine junkie!! I love the ideas and inspirations! I don't love the stacks of magazines everywhere!!! Can't throw them away though!


    Your cookies sound delicious! I'm going to give them a try. Thanks for sharing.


    I inherited my "hoarding" of magazines from my mother! My stairway is lined with the magazines that I just got from her last week. I weed thru them and send the rejects to be recycled and go thru those with recipes and quilts and decorating ideas. I'm going to take Moda Lisa's idea of putting my pulled pages in 3 ring binders. Thanks for sharing today, see you tomorrow! Can't wait, I need some more smarts! HUGS... and stitches


    Love the recipe. I need to start some holiday baking.


    Those cookies sound positively sinful! that's the best kind! Can hardly wait to see what your recipe is tomorrow!


    I'm the same way as you when the magazines come out this time of year. The recipe sounds good, too. Thank you.


    What a great recipe, will have to give it a try. I also love the holiday magazines and cookbooks, they are such an inspiration, and to hope that they turn out to look just like the picture, is all
    the more the challenge. Thanks for sharing, your special recipe.


    Anything with chocolate just HAS to be the best LOL Thanks for the recipe!.
    PS- I love magazines too. Christmas ones are especially fun to see the decorating changes over the years!


    I know what you mean, I love the holday mags too....and try to limit myself to just a few every year. But I have a big stack of them in my sewing room from over the years! Holiday ideas never go out of style!

    Karen Scheitlin

    You just gave me another excuse to call my Mom - I think she use to make these cookies when we were kids. Thank you!

    Jen Ward

    I'm a total magazine junkie. I can't seem to walk down that isle without picking up two or three.

    Kathy H

    I also love the magazines at Christmas. I usually pick up all the ones that I don't have subscriptions and get them at Christmas.

    madame samm

    Christmas mags, cookies, you...all too sweet...

    Miss Sherry

    I totally get your addiction to magazines. I do try to take out what I think I will really use and then recycle. But it's really hard!


    Day 4! Thank you for sharing!

    We keep Ina's cookbook out, every year we have a cooking contest and the kids have be come quite the cooks because of it!
    Have a great day!

    Melissa Corry

    I love holiday magazines as well. There is just so much inspiration tucked in their pages :)


    Roseanne, you clever girl! Kowalski's will love you for giving them this plug! Thank you for everything. ~Kathleen


    I have a few special holiday magazines from the 80's that I still use. I think food magazines are for women what Playboy is for men - the fantasy is the thing, not really whether it comes true!


    I am a magazine junky, and go crazy at the holidays. And I love all of the same ones that you mentioned, with the addition of America's Test Kitchens and Cooks Country. Unfortunately, I moved to a smaller apartment, and had to let go of my favorites. But, I made sure to give them a good home! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us.

    Donna A

    What quilter doesn't love chocolate!


    I do love dates! Sounds so yummy to me! Thanks for sharing. And I love christmas magazines very much...


    Thanks for the yummy recipe!
    I am with you on the magazines! You should see my garage! Most of them holiday magazines! Thanks for sharing!


    Yummy recipe! Thanks!


    How fun are you! I'm going to have to add on to my closet just to make room for my collection of magazines. I too love the holiday much WOW! Thank you for sharing!!

    Bobbi Delsing

    Mmmmm....dates,raisins and nuts...can it get any better? Oh yes..just add chocolate to the mix!
    Thanks for all the hard work at the busiest time of the year!

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