Saddle up little buckeroo ... and ballerina, too!
Paper crafting retreat!

Clever decor tricks!

One of the things I love about visiting the Bachman's house is that there are are so many practical ideas ... but pretty, too!

I love those old towel calendars but never know what to do with them. Fun pillows for the porch. And they used left over zipper parts for an embellishment ... and you know we love zippers!

Sometimes you find a desk or cupboard that maybe isn't that decorative but with a coat of paint and some corkboard it can turn into a message center. Fun focal point in a room.

Same with an old french door ... some panes had glass in them but the rest had cork. You can hold pieces in place on the glass by putting a magnet on the back of the glass and another on the front.

A spindle, ball of string and a scissors. All very practical together in one place. And it looks great besides!

You can find new and old candle clips around ... they were a nice touch at the top of the shower curtain.


Some of my favorite things ... empty frames ... antique shoe molds ... I could do this!

I love pulleys and gears ... they are fun in this blank space at the top of the landing. There's that salvage warehouse on University Ave just down from KSTP ... I betchya they have stuff like this there! That would be fun for outside too instead of the normal plant hangers. Hmmmm ...


And if Fido needs a bed, just turn a side table upside down! Trick it out so it matches the room.

Doesn't this make you want to look around your house for other simple things that would add an extra touch to your home or office? Fun to think about!