Cute color name ... Tangerine Tango!
Aurifil's 2012 Designer program is ready to kick off!

A prosperous New Year to you!

Postcard new years
Time to dust off last year's resolution list ... cross off the things you did ... put those you didn't on the list for 2012! Don't you love the New Year? We're all equal ... it's a fresh start!

This postcard makes me smile. Look at the boxes waiting outside ... a whole year sitting on your doorstep. And don't you love the red string tied around some of them? So cute. The card is addressed to  a woman in Hawaii ... betchya this is the closest to snow she'll see!

I haven't thought much about making New Year's resolutions ... other than to continue to find ways to be happy ... to be able to laugh at some of the things that go wrong ... to take some time off ... and to enjoy being creative. I think those are enough!

Have a happy, prosperous, and creative New Year!

Postcard prosperous new year