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Sherri Falls is February's Aurifil Designer!

What's your word?




Did you get the memo? For 2012, we're supposed to choose a word that will define the year. Well I've been collecting words for a long time and hadn't jumped on the trend. There are too many to pick! But on Saturday, Jeri suggested that it would be fun to take all the words you like and then randomly stitch them on to fabric. That's all I needed!!

About a year ago, my friend Heidi made me this flashcard set ... it spells out my name but each of the letters had a word and a definition put with it that she felt described me. I look at it every day and when Jeri launched that idea, I knew exactly what I was going to do ... I was going to stitch ROSEANN using Heid's cards!




I messed around on the computer and found fonts I liked ... adjusted the size and sort of got things the way I wanted. They had to be big enough to stitch easily and fun, too!




And this is what I ended up with! I couldn't decide on a few of them so I gave myself some alternatives. And then I pulled out some of the words from the definitions and maybe I'll fit those in there some place, too. My plan is to randomly stitch the words in no particular order ... you'd have to search to know it's my name. And I thought I'd fill it in with "stuff" ... things like stitched flowers or birds or maybe bits and pieces of embellishments I have laying around. I had a vintage tea towel in my stash with such pretty embroidery on the edge ... that's what I'm going to use!




Seemed logical to start with the R word first so I just popped the towel over the top of the word and traced. Ok fine ... I did adjust a tiny bit because it was going uphill ... but not too much fussing with it. I've been loving working with the Aurifil 12 wt thread so I'm going to start with that and see what happens. That spool of turquoise was a perfect match! This is one of those projects that is just for play ... no other reason ... no purpose. I think it's important to have things like this to work on!