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Stitching tip ~ transfering embroidery designs to thick fabric

Transfer 1

Lately I've had a number of customers ask how to transfer an embroidery pattern to thick or darker fabric. Most people know that when you want to transfer a design, you lay your fabric over the  pattern and trace with a marker. But what if your fabric is thicker ... like canvas or wool ... and you can't see through it? Here's my trick ... I've been using it for years and it works on almost any fabric!

Take a piece of tracing paper or vellum and trace your pattern with a pen.

Transfer 3
Turn the tracing over and on that side, retrace the lines with a pencil. I like the Papermate mechanical pencil the best because it has a high amount of graphite and makes a thin line. When you're done retracing, blow off any lead dust. Little tip ... if you are trying to transfer to black fabric, use a white artist's pencil with a sharp point.

Transfer 4
Turn the tracing right side up and position it on your fabric. Use the end of your scissors handle to rub over all the traced lines. Press heavily so the design lines transfer.

Ta da! Your pattern is on your fabric and ready to stitch!

Transfer 5