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Moda Lissa has declared today April Tools Day!

OLFA tools
When it comes right down to it ... quilters are not fools for tools! They are very discerning ... I see it every day at the Cottage as customers search for the right product to do the job. And it seems there are new tools born every day! It's really hard to keep up with what's available so I was delighted when Lissa Alexander ... she's the  Director of Marketing at Moda ... asked me to take part in her April Fools Day project on her Moda Lissa blog. Wait until you see the line up of what other quilters find to be their favorite!

Most of you know that OLFA products are my go-to for rotary cutting! I've been using their mat and rotary cutter since 1985 when I picked up my first one working at Reed's Fabrics. I can't tell you how many mats I've purchased over the years ... and really ... the amount of cutters I have is kind of crazy! But once they came out with the Quick Change cutter ... that has been my favorite. I love love love their rulers and use them exclusively. And now they have two sizes of scissors that cut as smoothly as their rotary cutters. I'm a big fan of buying the best equipment I can afford and I'm so glad I chose OLFA from the get-go. You get what you pay for, ya know?

My other favorite tool is my Sizzix die cutter. I use it for so many things ... mostly for cutting wool. But now they're coming out with some great quilting dies that I can use on my little machine and I'm loving it! I brought in a lot of the hexagons and circle die cuts for use ... or purchase ... in the Cottage. And I have these new curved die cuts that I'm goofing around with. So much fun! I like the Sizzix products because they're heavy duty but affordable ... and portable.

There are so many choices in quilting! Go over and read Lissa's blog ... then pop over to my Facebook page and tell me which ones you use ... which are your favorites ... which tools none of us have ever heard about that are your must haves!

Happy April Tools Day!!

Big shot