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Guest spot - American Patchwork & Quilting Radio!

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Whenever I get an email from my friend Pat Sloan with "Want to play?" in the subject line ... well ... hang on to your hat ... something fun is ahead! It's doubly fun when it's a request to be a guest on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio because then I get to chat with her about quilting stuff. And that's what we'll be doing today ...  Monday, June 18 at 4pm Eastern time ... 3pm here in Minnesota. I can't even remember how many times I've been on the show with Pat ... enough not to be too nervous but yet enough to be concerned about what I'll say. Someone asked me last week how we prepare for the show so I thought I'd try to explain it.

For most of the guests, Pat already knows what they'll be talking about ... either their business, fabric line, patterns, techniques ... something specific. For me it's a little bit different. Pat and I will brainstorm topic ideas ... and trust me ... there are enough there for about ten shows! After we get that all sorted out, Pat sends an email that defines how things will be and what I have to do. She even goes so far as to include links to projects on American Patchwork so we can chat about them on the show. For as much as she has going on, that girl is really really organized!! That itself quiets the butterflies because I can start to plan in my head what I want to say.

APQ radio button
Everyone who is a guest gets a button to put on their web site or blog. It's fun to show it off! The button is linked back to the show on American Patchwork. You can also find out who is on the show by reading Pat's Creative Talk Network blog ... she usually puts info about the next show up on Sunday night.

One question I get a lot is which radio station American Patchwork & Quilting Radio is on. Well ... it's not a 'real' radio station ... its something Pat invented to listen to on your computer. So if you're at work ... well if you're sneaky you could plug your ear phones into your computer and pretend to work! Of course ... that would be wrong so don't blame it on me if you get caught!! Or if you're at home sewing ... you can pull it up on the link and listen to it while you continute to work on your projects. And if none of those times work for you, the show is put up as a podcast that you can either download or listen to on your device of choice ... it's usually up within an hour of the end of the show. You could download it before you leave work so you have something pleasant to listen to while you're sitting in construction traffic on the way home ... or maybe while you're sitting at the ball game ... or in the carpool line.  The links are there forever so that you can go back and listen to shows you've missed ... or those that had something specific that you wanted to hear again.

So listen in today! It'll be on at 3pm if you're in the central time zone ... like Minnesota. Pat and I will  be talking about working with fabric to make some of those large blocks that are popular ... behind the scenes at some of our favorite warehouses ... and how we shop when we visit quilt stores. Let me know what you think on my Rosebud's Facebook page.

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