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July 2012

Crazy! We're starting the second six months of the Aurifil Designer of the Month!

Aurifil 2012 team
It is unbelievable that with today's announcement of the July designer, we're beginning the second half of the Aurifil stitching project! Are you keeping up? I have to admit I'm behind on a few of them but am happy that I've been able to get as many done as I have. They're being packed for my trip to Itasca State Park at the end of the month. I plan on stitching while I watch the loons on the lake and in between hiking the trails. I have to say ... I love every single one of the blocks. They each have something in them that I love! And I know you won't be disappointed by Miss July!

Aurifil 2012-sarah-fielke-aurifil-designer-button
Sarah Fielke is the July designer and even though it's Winter where she lives in Australia, she wanted her design to reflect that it's Summer here in the United States. Love how she's so adaptable!

Sarah is a designer, book author, and teacher and she travels all over the place to teach. I'm dying over her sewing studio ... everything looks so neat and tidy! Make sure you look at the photo where she has a quilt on the wall. So beautiful!

With the heat we've been having in the US lately, Sarah's block is just perfect. Everyone is headed to a beach where they can get cool and relax under a big umbrella! You can find the link on the Aurifil Buzz.

Once you get your piece stitched, make sure you post it on the Aurifil Flickr page ... you can show off your work and be entered in for thread prizes!

Let's review the projects so you can refresh your memory on which ones you need to complete ... or maybe you want to start from the beginning! Here's January!!

Aurifil feb
February love by Sherri Falls.

Aurifil march
A little luck in March by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

Aurifil april
April showers came from Gail Pan.

Aurifil may
Dancing around the May pole with Thimbleanna.

Aurifil june
And a sweet vintage basket by Pam Kitty Morning.

There ... all caught up! So pull out your fabric and your 12 wt Aurifil thread and while away the rest of the Summer pulling stitches through fabric!