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Aurifil Designer Christmas Blog Hop ~ God Jul Tomte

Aurifil blog hop logo #2

Well here we are already ... at the last week of the 2012 Aurifil Designer Blog Hop. I hope you've enjoyed all of the stitchings and are filling your tree with new ornaments!  Sarah ... Bari J ... and me ... we're the last of the designers ... you can find the complete list and photos on the Aurifil Buzz.

I've been stuck on Scandinavian things forever ... probably becaue of where I live in Minnesota. There are as many Dala Horses as there are white bears in White Bear Lake.

I grew up knowing how to make Swedish Coffee ... even though there was nothing Swedish about our family.

Lucia altered
My first project published in a magazine was this painted Lucia. I love the idea of St Lucia Day and am trying to decide if I want to get up early enough to attend the Lucia program at the Gammelgarden Museum on December 9th. So because I'm enthralled with everything Scandinavian it seemed natural that my ornament would turn out to be a tomte!

Aurifil God Jul Tomte stitching
I drew out my little tomte and got to work. It was very fun picking just the right Aurifil threads from my pack ... and then making tiny stitches because of all the small detail. It's hard to look away from it now that it's completed ... and I know you'll feel the same way when you stitch yours! Download Aurifil Rosebud's Cottage pattern right here. Have fun with it! And don't forget to leave a comment on my blog and each of the other blogs in order to be entered into the prizes at the end.

From all of us at the Cottage to you and yours ... God Jul ... Merry Christmas!

Aurifil God Jul Tomte 2

Pulling threads!

Aurifil blog hop logo #2
You can never start too soon when it comes to Christmas! And I think one of the best gifts to give is something you make with your hands and heart. There's not always time to make something big. Ornaments, though, are treasured from year to year and really speak to  your friends and family ... they're just big enough to say ... I thought of you!

With that in mind ... a bunch of the Aurifil designers have gotten together to do an ornament blog hop in November. You'll have plenty of time to choose your favorites and get stitching. Three designers each week ... check our blogs on Tuesdays for the next designs.

The fun starts on Tuesday, November 6 with Sherri Falls, Gail Pan, and Amy Ellis.

You'll have a week to stitch ... and then on November 13th there'll be new ornaments for you from ... Anna, Pat Sloan, and Emily.

November 20th brings us Victoria, the Lizzie B girls, and Pam Kitty Morning. You'll have something to do on Thanksgiving weekend!

And then on November 27th, we'll finish up with Sarah, Bari J, and me!

Of course ... there are prizes, too! Aurifil has given us thread sets that will be given away at the end of the blog hop. In order to be in the winner's circle you need to comment on each of the three blogs each week ... winners will be chosen from those who commented after the blog hop is over.

One of the cool thing about these ornaments is that they are all the same size and use the same basic pattern ... the only thing that changes is the stitched design. When you're all done you'll be able to fill a small tree ... or carefully pack them in an envelope and mail to someone special.

So get out your needle and thread and start crafting for Christmas. Happy Holidaze!