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Aurifil Designer Christmas Blog Hop ~ God Jul Tomte

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Well here we are already ... at the last week of the 2012 Aurifil Designer Blog Hop. I hope you've enjoyed all of the stitchings and are filling your tree with new ornaments!  Sarah ... Bari J ... and me ... we're the last of the designers ... you can find the complete list and photos on the Aurifil Buzz.

I've been stuck on Scandinavian things forever ... probably becaue of where I live in Minnesota. There are as many Dala Horses as there are white bears in White Bear Lake.

I grew up knowing how to make Swedish Coffee ... even though there was nothing Swedish about our family.

Lucia altered
My first project published in a magazine was this painted Lucia. I love the idea of St Lucia Day and am trying to decide if I want to get up early enough to attend the Lucia program at the Gammelgarden Museum on December 9th. So because I'm enthralled with everything Scandinavian it seemed natural that my ornament would turn out to be a tomte!

Aurifil God Jul Tomte stitching
I drew out my little tomte and got to work. It was very fun picking just the right Aurifil threads from my pack ... and then making tiny stitches because of all the small detail. It's hard to look away from it now that it's completed ... and I know you'll feel the same way when you stitch yours! Download Aurifil Rosebud's Cottage pattern right here. Have fun with it! And don't forget to leave a comment on my blog and each of the other blogs in order to be entered into the prizes at the end.

From all of us at the Cottage to you and yours ... God Jul ... Merry Christmas!

Aurifil God Jul Tomte 2


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How absolutely adorable! I love Scandinavian motifs too. And there isn't the slightest thing Scandinavian about me either. Although my mother used to braid my long blond hair and call me "Heidi" and dress me in dirndls. I always wanted to live in an Alpine cabin and see edelweiss. (Not really Scandi I know, but lots of similarities in the decorative motifs.) Thanks for the great ornament design.


I love the Scandinavian theme, such a unique ornament!awolk at rogers dot com

Linda Ross

Thanks for the pattern, she is sooooo sweet.


Very cute! Barbara from Italy


Cute ornament!! Thanks for sharing.


God Jul to you, too!


Love this unique ornament, thank you for the pattern. Thank both you and Aurifil for the hop.


Very cute! I love Scandinavian themes as well.


I thought the tomten were only male--guess I was wrong!

Bridgid K

She is sooo cute!!! Thank You for the adorable pattern!!! I cant wait to get the ornaments done and hanging on their cute little tree.


I am part Swedish and just love this ornament! thank you!


Very cute ornament, thanks for sharing it!

Donna Coombes

how different love it


Sweet little ornament thanks for the pattern.

Nancy L

Cute ornament; thanks for the pattern! Love the Scandinavian influence, since I'm half Norwegian! Love the reference to Swedish Coffee; which I know as just Egg Coffee. Its wonderful coffee!!


Such a cute ornament! Thanks for the hop!


God Jul och god fortsättning! Lovely little ornament. I live in Sweden and my dh has told me a magical story of a Lucia train coming to his regiment in the forest while they did winter survival training. The songs were angelic and the saffron buns heavenly! I bet if you want, you could look up Lucia in the search (sök)box on the Swedish state tv site, www.svt.se if you want to see about it in Sweden, on the date :D

Janet Frank

The braids are adorable! Thanks!


What a sweet face of Christmas! Love it. Thanks for the giveaway.

Kay Mc

Such a cute ornament. It would be so fun to personalize.

Joyce Mitchell

Thanks for sharing the cute pattern.

Darla B

Love it! Very Minnesotan. ;-)

Lisa McGriff

How cute! You did a great job! Thanks!
lisamcgriff at hotmail dot com

Cara Tesdahl

Thanks for the cute pattern! I've enjoyed the hop.


Thanks for sharing your design!
My grandfather was Swedish and my grandmother Norwegian - I remember having this Swedish Coffee. Along with rosette cookies, lefse, almond cookies, spritz and many others at the holidays. My grandmother was a fantastic cook and baker, and despite the Swede-Norwegian mix, they were married for 54 years! God Jul !

Dee A

Adorable little tomte...thank you! :-)

Shirley Carlson

I too love all things Scandinavian. I love the ornament.


Love it! I'm part Norwegian and am from Minnesota. Just ate some lefse for breakfast, too! Not kidding! Do you like lefse?


Thanks for the pattern!


So cute! Our 4-H club studied Sweden last year for it's Passport to the World project and we really enjoyed it. Made my girls and I wish to visit someday. Can't wait to stitch this little cutie ... thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the idea! The braids are adorable.....can't wait to stitch this one!


Really cute, thank you for sharing.


Cute ornament.thanks for sharing!

Gun Adrian

God Jul! Such a cute tomte! It´s nice to see that many swedish traditions still excist "Over there" :)
Gun, Sweden


Adorable ornament! Thank you for the instructions

Jane Bitz

I love this one! I have all the patterns downloaded and will stitch them during our Christmas break ski trip.

Ruth B

Very sweet ornament! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


These ornaments just keep getting cuter and cuter! Thanks for sharing yours!

Becky Sorensen

Really a sweet ornament. Thanks for sharing it.


Cute ornament. Thanks for the info.

Billie K

She's just too cute! Thanks!


So cute! Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions.

Carol Y

Too cute - thanks so much for the pattern!

Judy Stokes

I like your wooden ornaments. And your Aurifil ornament is adorable. Can't wait to get all these cute ornaments stitched up.

Cindy Farmer

I love the braids! That is how I worn my hair to school everyday when I was young!


Such a cute ornament.Thank you for sharing the pattern and the story.

Barb Colvin

Tiny stitches indeed! lol Very sweet.
Thank you.


Having fun with this Christmas ornament blog hop, thank you.


Your little ornament is very cute. Thanks for sharing.


Love the ornament... itis nice to see how other nationalities celebrate the holidays!


Ornaments make me so happy. Thank you it will look great all winter long on my hall tree.


Thanks for sharing your ornament. I am working on them and hope to complete each one. It has been fun.




This is a very cute ornament, and unique too. Thanks for the pdf to make it.


Very cute ornament! Can't wait to get all these done!


I love your wood work, it is beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win. Elizabeth


Another sweet ornament. I'm going to make one of these per month next year and be ready with this wonderful set next Christmas.


Lovely ornament! Makes me remember skating when I was a kid.

Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


Betty Elliott

Very cute! Thanks!

Carrie P.

really cute! thanks for sharing

Patricia Hersl

Did some Scandanavian cross stitch years ago and the style is timeless. Thanks.

Sarah Norman

Cute braids :)

Nancy Hambright

So Cute, reminds me of the Elf on the Shelf, we just introduced our 3 year old twins, Jack & Emilia to. They will love it too! Thanks for sharing!


What a cute ornament and it is nice you shared your story and love of the history of Scandinavia.
Can't wait to stitch this one.

Crunchy Con Mommy

Is God Jul the same in Danish also? I recently found out I'm Danish, so I'm trying to learn more about the culture!

Diane S

There is nothing Swedish about my family or my neighborhood but I love your ornament and can't wait to try some Swedish coffee! Thanks!


very sweet. Thanks!

Bonnie Larson

Love the ornament. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on the draw


I grew up in a Scandinavian town so I completely understand the colors and all the nostalgia that goes along with the holiday's!
LOVE the ornament! How fun!

Christine M

That's such a cute ornament. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thank you for sharing your ornament. Merry Christmas!

Kathy h

Such a cute ornament. I love her braids.


She's super cute! I'm Swedish American and can barely find anything Swedish in So. California, unless I drive to Ikea.She is definately going on my tree... making 2, one for each of my daughters. Thank you! God Jul!

Debbie Gilmore

She's adorable. I was born in Minnesota! I am making this!


I am enjoying this blog hop and the ornament patterns!


This hop has been so much fun. Thanks for the ornaments.

Cindy Dickinson

Thanks for the cute ornament. I've really enjoyed making these.

Pam in IL

Thanks for sharing your love for Swedish traditions and your little ornament!

Linda Cartwright

Love this ornament! Thanks for sharing!

Deb H.

Love the little Swedish design, especially since I have a Swedish heritage. Thank you!

Stephanie Zito

So adorable and super creative! Love it!


Oh so cute - thank you!


Thank you for the cute ornament pattern!

Emily C

very cute Tomte, love her.


I love knowing the Scandinavian word for Merry Christmas, God Jul! Thank you!

Carolyn H.

I love the sweet pattern you designed. I think I could actually get a few of these completed before Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

Chris G

Sooo cute!


So cute!
I love the Dala horse too!
Thank you


Kay ... the Dala Horse was too small to get the detail that I wanted it to have. Sorry you're disappointed.

Kay Holm

I love it... For some reason I was thinking you were going to do a Swedish Dala horse. (Little disappointed) Do you know of any patterns for one of those?


Thank you for sharing your ornament with an international flair!!

Robin T

Your ornament is so cute. Now it's time to get them all stitched!

Mary Jo

What a cute little ornament! I think I will take it a step farther and change hair color and length and make some who are boys, put names on them for all my family members! How cute is that!! Thank you for the idea, Roseanne!!-

Mary ann

Adorable pattern, the braids are so sweet!

Jamie Todhunter

I like your ornament. Thank you for sharing the pattern.


So Adorable! I love the hat Julierose

Deb G. in VA

Cute ornament! Thanks for the pattern!


God jul is the same in Norwegian also, and I know there are many of Norwegian decent in Minnesota also. You made a very cute ornament!


So cute and different! Thank you!

Sew Create It - Jane

I've so enjoyed the hop. So many lovely ideas for Christmas! Thanks :o)

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