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After the chocolates are eaten ...

... it's time to do something with the box! I swear ... one of the reasons I *heart* Valentine's Day is because I'm a container freak and I love to reuse the boxes for things! In fact ... I was at Kowalski's the other day eyeing some of the things on their display and wondering if they'd still be there for the 'after the holiday' sale. I could care less about what was inside ... I wanted the outside!

Binding kit
My favorite candy box is a metal Whiman's sampler with embossed and painted designs. It's a replica of a French box from the 1920s and is one I love the most because I use it all the time. I've turned it into a binding kit!

Binding kit 3
I found that if I wind some bobbins, three fit perfectly ... light, medium, and dark thread. A spool of Aurifil thread in a color that I tend to use the most fits, too.  I have a matchbook needle holder from Scarlet Today that we sell in the store and it fits in one corner, on top of a small container of Clover pins. And of course there has to be Wonder Clips by Clover too! They replaced the hair clips a few years ago and are so much better. I have a bottle of Roxanne's glue in there as well just because I need one everywhere I go! I tiny pair of scissors with a blunt end makes this kit totally portable.  There's a horseshoe charm in there too ... go figure. And just to be sure it all stays in place, I tied a piece of elastic lace around the outside. You can never be too careful! Isn't it cute?

Binding kit 4
And here's another I love! I can't think how many years ago Bob gave me this Valentine. The design on the box has inspired a few thoughts. It's not a perfect heart either and that's what makes it more interesting ... primarily because I like to use the shape for other things. Like this ...

Binding kit 6
One of these days I'll actually sew those hearts in place. Promise.

Binding kit 5
I love having a ton of needles at my fingertips so I use this heart inside my sewing basket to hold them all. It has a few other items I don't want to misplace too. Like Roxanne's glue. Sorry. It's a security issue.

Binding kit 7
Here's one waiting in the wings. It's not just because  it has a rosebud on it ... although that's part of it. But don't you just love that scallop backdrop? Imagine the possibilities! And to be honest ... I have a closet full just waiting patiently for their turn to shine. I want to make them into something ... someday ... when the right idea flashes through my brain. Will it be for a pincushion ... an organizer ... or something just for fun. So ... lick the chocolate off your fingers and tie on your thinking cap. What will you do with your Valentine today?

Binding kit 8

Listen in!

Roseann guest button
I'll be on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio with my friend Pat Sloan tomorrow ... Monday, February 4. Pat and I are going to talk about how much we love making Valentine's Day projects! You can listen in at 3pm Minnesota time ... do the math if you live on either side of Central time ... and then you can listen to it forever on the podcast later on.

After the show, American Pathwork usually puts links on their Facebook page so you can go there to see what you missed, too. They just crossed 25,000 readers and are doing some special things for their readers. Go see!

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