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I hope you'll enjoy Sparklers! ... my next project for Fabri-Quilt's Inspired By Fabric blog.  A few weeks ago, Fabri-Quilt sent me a box of red, white, and blue fabric to design with, and fortunately, I had an idea in my head that worked perfectly! I wanted the project to go together very quickly ... that's why there are large blocks and shortcut piecing methods. The blocks finish at 13 1/2" x 21 1/2" so as you can see, it doesn't take many to make a nice size quilt!

Sparkler flat
My intention for Sparklers! is that you'd use it to take a nap under a tree when you're done with your Fourth of July picnic. Or maybe you'd use it to cover your table for your patriotic party. Or perhaps to snuggle under while you watch fireworks.

Sparklers 1
A tip to make things easier ... after you sew the first pinwheel pairs together, lay them on your ironing board and then press each seam in opposite directions. Your points will come out perfectly if you do that!

Sparklers 4
The squares you'll be cutting are really big, so when you cut them into four, use a large OLFA Rotating Mat so you don't have to move the fabric or cut at a weird angle. It really makes things so much easier and is a good good investment.

Sparklers 3
The pinwheel intersection is pretty bulky ... press your seams open.

Sparklers 2
I pieced my back with the left over pieces Fabri-Quilt sent me. To make sure they fit, I layed them over the top of my quilt and rearranged them until I was sure they'd cover it, after the seams were sewn. It was pretty fun to do and I love how the back looks!

Sparklers bench
I was able to make a block in 20 minutes after I got the hang of it ... there's still time for you to make one for the 4th too! You'll need to download the PDF pattern at Fabri-Quilt's blog ... I've included lots more tips for you, too. So dig out your red, white and blue and get to sewing! Randi from Jubilee Quilting did the quilting with a swirly design and light blue thread ... made the quilt sparkle!

Sparklers table
If you're in the Minneapolis St Paul area, come see us at Rosebud's Cottage in Downtown White Bear Lake! There's always so much going on here! Pin our project to your board and follow along with us on Pinterest, too!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July ... and enjoy some Sparklers! when the sun goes down.

Sparkers gazebo