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It's National Book Lovers Day!

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I love books ... and I especially love quilting books! When my kids were down for naps, I'd look through them and day dream about the skills I'd have someday and the projects I'd make. I was brand new at all of this back then. But I'm happy to say that because of those books, I have a better understanding of quilting now, plus if I need an answer, help is right at my fingertips!

Moda book 2

Moda book 1
When Moda asked me which book was my go-to for quilting ... the one I used to learn to quilt ...  it wasn't hard to answer. Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting ... written by the editors at American Patchwork and Quilting ... has been on my bookshelf since it was printed. You can tell by how worn it is! I've used it so often to learn how to understand techniques, figure out measurements through their charts, to refresh my memory for steps I've forgotten. I love the clear photos and the spiral binding ... it lies flat on my table and I don't have to stack something on it to keep it open. Its a great book no matter which stage of quilting you're at!

Moda book 3
But you know ... I couldn't stop at one! Rotary magic was one of the books that I've read from cover-to-cover ... several times! It has terrific rotary cutting instructions and little tips tucked into boxes throughout the book. It has a 1998 copyright so I'm guessing it's still around somewhere.

Moda book 4
Classic books! You need to have these to complete your library ... you'll have to find them in the used book stores though ... or maybe at the quilt guild garage sale. They are priceless! I've spent so many hours with them they are like old friends.

Moda book 5
And most of you know I stitch. I grew up with this book and it has traveled around the world with me. I rescue others like it when I find them at the flea market ... I have them stashed in various sewing baskets because you never know when you'll want to try some new embroidery stitch. This particular version was the one that we had at home growing up ... don't tell my sisters that I ended up with it!

For me ... quilting books are like old friends ... I get energized by them and they answer my questions. A good day for me is when I get to spend a few minutes with them. I don't think I'm going to run out of inspiration any time soon! And I'm so glad Moda didn't ask me to show my magazine collection!!

Head over to the Moda blog to see what other designers have on their book shelves, too. There are prizes! And great books to covet.

Moda book 6


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Stephanie in MI

I love books, too. I have lots. I love new books, old books, classics, modern. I have a problem with books. :-)

Susan in OK

I am having fun seeing all the inspirations of each quilter. I don't seem to have any of the ones you specifically mentioned. However, with the size of your book stash and my book stash, I imagine we have several books in common. I think I spotted a couple of your shelves. Thanks for participating and sharing some new-to-me books.

Anne Beier

I love seeing the books that inspired other quilters. Thanks for sharing.

Carole S.

Thank you for sharing all your favorites! I'm with you on the vintage books - everyone needs a few of those, just to remind us where our art came from, so we remember to pass it on.

Lee Ann L.

Wow! that library looks like mine! When I moved, I forced myself to wean a few out; but, I still have a lot of books! It's hard to give them up. :-)

Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Joyce Mitchell

I bought the BHG Complete Guide to Quilting when I first started & it's still my go-to book. In this blog-hop, I've learned there's a new edition of it, so I might have to replace it. Thanks.

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