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It's my day to be Crazy About Wool!!

It's no big surprise to those who know me that I've been crazy about wool for over 20 years! I love cutting it up ... I love stitching it on things ... I love making projects with wool. So when Denise at Pieced Brain asked if I'd like to be on the Crazy About Wool blog hop, how could I say anything but yes! Click over to her blog and you'll find the list of who is taking part ... as well as how you can win some terrific prizes! The blog hop started on September 23 and goes through the 27th with a lot of different bloggers taking part. Some talk about wool and others have projects to share. And it's all fun!

Wool picture
Today, you'll find these bloggers but if you go to Denise's blog each day, you'll find the complete list.

A Quilt and a Prayer

Kat & Cat Quilts

By the Bay Needleart

Sugarlane Quilts

Sheila's Quilt World

Pieced Brain

What I love about all the bloggers is their wool interests are in various areas ... and they're from all over the world!

Autumn Duo 5
For the blog hop, I've designed a simple fall project for you called Autumn Duo Pin and Needle Keeper. I love to tie pincushions on to my scissors or sewing basket handle so that I have a place to park my pins and needles ... especially when I'm traveling.  Download Autumn Duo pattern ... you'll need Adobe Reader ... and then print it out to make your own pincushion and needle keeper. Use your favorite fall colors! It's fun and you'll have it done in an afternoon.

Autumn Duo 3
One of the features of Autumn Duo is that the acorn bottom opens up to hide your needles! A little bit of stuffing in the cap and also in the leaf gives you a place to push your pins.

I'm not new to blog hops. Some of you might remember my Fall-O-Ween Treat Jar  from a few years ago. I made it to store that delicious autumn mixture ... candy corn and peanuts! And of course, the project is made from wool. Are you surprised?

So if you're not convinced by now that I'm crazy about wool you'll have to click over to My Love Affair With Wool. I show some tips for working with wool and a tutorial if you're new to this.

If that's not enough, scroll through  American Patchwork & Quilting to find even more wool projects I've designed. You'll have plenty to do for a long long time and then you'll be crazy about wool, too ... if you aren't already!

Autumn Duo 5


One of my favorite pastimes is visiting occasional stores ... especially the ones across town. We have great ones in White Bear Lake but there's something about getting in the car and driving that makes them special. Saturday I took a bunch of my friends along ... 54 of them to be precise! We took a bus and headed to the shops in Chaska and Carver. While some of the stores are open all the time, I like going on the third weekend of the month because that's when they all are. Amazing stores ... you need to go sometime. In addition to buying interesting pieces, I also love to photograph. Primitive and vintage are my favorites ... toss in some Autumn decor and I'm in heaven!