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October 2013

My crazy Muddy Sheep round robin!

Round robin beginning
It seems like a long time ago but back in April, some of the members of the Muddy Sheep Wool Club began a crazy round robin project. We broke up into groups of four so that the project would be completed by December. Each of us came to the April meeting with our background sewn, an applique in place, and a theme. Mine was East West Home's Best and I asked that they put on designs that meant 'home' to them. It was so interesting watching all of the group's blocks develop over the months ... the themes were so varied ... the work incredible!!

Round robin final
And this is what I got back at yesterday's meeting! I love all of the thought and stitching Katie, Darlene, and Joyce put into my block! As I look at it again and again, I see something that I hadn't seen before. And there are all of my favorite things on it ... crows and corn stalks and sunflowers and bikes and so many other details!

Round robin closeup 2
At our meeting in December, we'll all bring back our blocks made into something. A pillow? A framed piece? Part of a quilt? So many possibilities!! Club members will get a charm to hang on their Muddy Sheep charm holder for taking part. It will be exciting to see what their creative minds churn out. During the meeting, several brought up doing another round robin during our 2014 club year. I think I'd be crazy not to take part!!

Round robin closeup