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Polar Vortex hand care!

Hand care 2

I don't know about you but this ongoing brutal below zero weather is killing my hands! I hate it when my fingers feels so dry that it's hard to work on projects. Not to mention that annoying dry skin around my fingernails. Yuck! I decided that I wasn't going to let Old Man Winter get the best of me, though! I've found some ways to fight back.

The first is Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I saw it one day at Kowaslski's and grabbed it to try. I was desparate! It is the best ... ever. I rub it in over my fingers before I go to bed ... on the toes, too. I try to remember it put it on before I leave in the morning. I love love love that I'm not dealing with those little cracks along the edges of my fingers now.  And it costs hardly anything! I've been carrying a tin around in my pocket to use at other times during the day. The tins make for some great storage when they're empty!

Hand care 1

My go-to hand cream from Bath and Bodyworks. I've been using this for years ... year 'round ... I have tubes stashed all over the place! It feels a little greasy for about a half a minute and then is absorbed into my skin. My hands feel so much better after I use it. It's a bit expensive ... about twelve bux but you only need to use less than a dime's worth. And B&BW has sales all the time so that's when I load up. Did I mention it has a pleasant, orange fragrance? I love that!

And of course, the last way to make my hands feel good is to get a manicure. I have a bunch of people who come to the Cottage going to my favorite place ... LA Nails in the strip at Centerville Road and Hwy 96. Southwest corner so it's in Vadnais Heights. I don't know what it is about polish but it makes my nails feel stronger. They look better, too.

It looks like there's going to be plenty of cold weather left in this long long Winter but it's nice to know that I have the tools handy to fight against it. Hands up!

Handcare 3


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Good job! I am going to get some of that Brt's Bees stuff. Thanx for the tip!

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