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The Noteworthy Notebook Project

Noteworthy Notebook flowers

Take a boring compostion book and turn it into a notebook that everyone will envy! I've been covering my books for years and its exciting to jazz them up. I love goofing around with all the components ... finding the perfect paper and then deciding which piece will go where. They don't take much time and are fun to do. Here's how!

Noteworthy notebook supplies

Gather your supplies and get to work!

Measurements: Front and back cover ~ 7” x 9 5/8” (use a decorative blade to trim one edge for the front and a mirror image for the back) 

Inside cover ~ 7 1/4” x 9 5/8”

Note: Measure your book before cutting as there may be some variation

Cut tag, flowers,a circle for initial from scrap paper, and a tab for the side of the book,  by hand or with a punch or die cut.

Other supplies: 3-4 pieces of fiber approximately 7” long, glue stick, initial stamp,  ink pad

Chestnut Roan chalk ink by Colorbox to darken the edges is optional. Lightly brush it across cut edges before you assemble the book.

1. Dip the flowers in a small amount of water, then carefully scrunch them up to wrinkle the paper. Be careful on thin petals so you don’t rip them. Open the flowers up and let them air dry.

2. Open up the tab and spread glue over the wrong side with a glue stick. Fold it back in half and then place it on the back cover, about 2” from the  bottom, straddling the inside and outside of the cover.

3. Spread glue over the entire front cover and part of the binding.  Lay the pre-cut paper on to the cover, lining up the straight edges, and smoothing out the  paper. The zigzag edge covers part of the book binding. Trim the rounded edges with a scissors before continuing.

4. Next do the inside of the front cover and continue to the back cover.

5. Use a sanding block or emery board to lightly sand the edges of the book. If any of the book edge is showing, sand that a little more to remove the printing. Lightly sand the tab.

6. Ink the edges of the book, tab, flowers, tags and initial with Chestnut Roan chalk ink if you choose.

7. Layer the flower pieces and glue together, then glue to the tag. Add the  initial to the center of the flower.

8. Punch a hole through the front cover. Push fibers through the tag and then the hole and tie at the top of the book with a double knot.

Noteworthy notebook R

There are all kinds of ways to decorate the front of your notebook. I tied some fibers and a tag to a big R and then glued it to the front. From the scraps, I covered a smaller composition book. You can find them in the same place the big ones are located at most stores. They look cute finished!

Noteworthy notebook travel

You can make books for any theme you want, like this travel journal. Sometimes I'm lucky and find notebooks with graph pad paper ... I use those for my quilting themed books. Try a kitchen theme for recipes or a gardening theme for your flower beds and landscaping projects.

Noteworthy Notebooks are perfect for a girlfriends crafting night. Look at all the fun I had with some of my pals when we did a Girls Day Out one time. It was filled with laughter. Best kind of day!

Noteworthy notebook pile