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MyBeads your ear buds!


At the Craft and Hobby show last January, I ran across the MyBeads booth and got totally caught up in this product ... and three months later ... I still love it! MyBeads are split beads designed to fit over headphone wires or ear buds ... decorative ... fun to use! My favorite feature is that you can use the beads to personalize your headset so it doesn't look like what everyone else has. Each set is unique!

MyBeads 8

I love MyBeads because I'm sick of trying to keep my ear buds untangled. I hate when they get knotted ... then you have to unkink them before you can use them. The beads have a slit on one side. You slide them over the cords and once they're all placed, your wires aren't kinked and twisted!

MyBeads 12

You get around 500 beads in a pack ... plenty for sorting them into color patterns.

MyBeads 13

I've made some in White Bear Lake's school colors ... a patriotic version ... Mahtomedi colors ... the list goes on! Do whatever you want ... ten colors to choose from!

MyBeads 7

I thought it would be fun to do one that resembles roses ... green leaves, pink and red for the petals, yellow for the center ... with a white bead to space them.

MyBeads 9

Because the beads have a slit on one side, you can put them over the wires without having to worry about the earphones holding you back.

MyBeads 6

MyBeads 18

One trick ... use a chop stick to open the slit up ... then you can lay the wire over the slit and slide it in place. The chop sticks from LeannChin are the perfect size ... use a fork next time you go there to eat and save the chop sticks for your project!

MyBeads 15

The MyBeads Facebook page is constantly being updated with new combinations. Make sure you like their page so you can see what's new.

Now that the weather is nicer, I'm seeing people running along the trail next to White Bear Lake ... or in my neighborhood listening to their music while they walk ... with boring wires peeking out of their hoodies. Think how much cuter they'd be if they were covered with MyBeads to match their clothes!

Not athletic? No worries! I've seen people using headsets at the quilt retreat ... or when they're knitting and stitching ... sitting in the car ... on the bus ... plenty of places! I think it's a great idea to leave a set of headphones with your sewing machine so that the next time you're chain piecing blocks together, you can look stylish and cute while you're plugged in!

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