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When is Spring?

Spring 10 2

In Minnesota, Spring doesn't show itself on a particular day ... it's more an attitude about which day it arrives.  The temperature is part of it but it's more about when can you go outside and feel comfortable! Translate that to mean no coat, no mittens, no scarf around your neck!

Spring 6

Spring is when the bikes are the first thing you see in the garage ... and not the snow blower!

Spring 1

It's finally Spring when the patio furniture moves from the shed to the deck.

Spring 2

And when you can use it to lay outside and read a book!

Spring 5

It's Spring when there's a clear view of the fire pit that isn't blocked by snow piles ... or vegetation.

Spring 3

When the skies are bright blue with puffy clouds ... and the buds on the maple tree are starting to swell ... then it's Spring!

Spring 8

The hedge sprouts leaves and they're bright green ...

Spring 7

... or the peonies poke up to begin living their caged life again.

Spring 11

But when the fairies begin their Spring cleaning ... and the flowers bloom around their cottage ... then YES ... for sure ... it's Spring!!

Spring 12 2