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Rosebuds roadtrip 1

There's no doubt about it ... I like to get in the car and get on the road! I don't care where I go most of the time ... just somewhere. After a few days of being sick and really not over it, we decided to go for lunch ... in Wisconsin! It's only 10 miles to the border so no big deal, right? We should have left earlier to get in all the things we wanted to see. Armed with a traveler's guide to America's Dairyland ... think places where you can buy cheese ...  we filled up the tank and took off into a picture perfect day.

Rosebuds roadtrip 2

Just before you cross into Wisconsin on Hwy 8 is Interstate Park ... one of 75 parks in the Minnesota State Park system. The St Croix River separates both states and this is one of many beautiful crossings. We stopped because I have a state park passport and I'm trying to get to each of the parks. Got it stamped and dated. Yay!

Rosebuds roadtrip 3

This is what you need to keep your nose to if you want to be successful.

Rosebuds roadtrip 4

I have plenty of coffee cups but wanted more because these were so pretty. But which to pick? So I left them hanging in a row.

Rosebuds roadtrip 5

Rosebuds roadtrip 12

We're big fans of the National Park Service ... we've been to many national parks and search them out because of their Passports. Each park has a stamping station where you stamp your book with the location and the date. There are photo stickers you can purchase to add to the pages. When we're traveling, we'll drive out of our way so I can get another stamp ... but in the process we have found some of the most wonderful places and have learned a ton about the US. I was shocked to find out that I could get stamped only 45 minutes from my home at the St Croix River National Scenic Waterway in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin. It's right over the bridge off of WI-87. Terrific facility built right on the river.

Rosebuds roadtrip 6

Inside the hall is tiled with a photo of the St Croix River looking north from the Mississippi River. They have cards made so that you can identify where you live or other landmarks.

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Rosebuds roadtrip 10

Rosebuds roadtrip 7

The line at the horizon is where the river drops over St Croix Falls. It was so still. You could hear each bird call and the bubble of the streams that enter the river. Temps were headed to 90 degrees but you wouldn't know it here.

Rosebuds roadtrip 9

Rosebuds roadtrip 11

I brought my own nature photographer.

Rosebuds roadtrip 13

Going to lunch was our main intention. We continued up WI-87 thru Cushing and turned right at Grantsburg onto WI-70. Gorgeous countryside with farms tucked into the hills, cows cooling off in ponds, and horses in corrals.  I knew that a grilled cheese sandwich would make me feel better but not just ANY grilled cheese ... it had to be The Classic from the Burnet County Dairy Coop. I went there for the first time about a month ago when Pam was in town ... her cousin Linda was shocked that I had never been there before and so was I! The Coop is so worth the stop ... filled with so many cheeses and unusual groceries and wine ... and there's a restaurant and ice cream bar ... and free coffee! The Classic is by far the best grilled cheese you'll ever eat. We bought a loaf of bread from the bakery to see if we could replicate it at home. You have to have a side order of cheese curds ... made from white cheese, they have a light and crispy coating on them ... totally different from those at the state fair.  No room for ice cream though ... it did look delicious watching what others were getting.

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Rosebuds roadtrip 14

Heading east after lunch and then north on WI-35 through Siren and Webster and Danbury ... then west on WI-77/MN-48 and crossing the river again, we stopped at St Croix State Park to get the passport stamped and look around. I'd forgotten they have housekeeping cabins there! It looked pretty idyllic on a Tuesday afternoon and I could easily imagine coming back mid week sometime soon.

The best part of our trip though was when we spotted the best road sign on earth! We never make it a habit of turning back but we did for this one ... how can you resist Rosebud Lane?

Rosebuds roadtrip 15

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