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Talking about wool applique!

A peek at my Spring Pouch in Quilts and More!

Spring Pouch APQ final

I love projects that hang! I hang things on door knobs or drawer pulls ... even on the edge of frames or my bulletin board. It's a wonderful way to give dimension to my home.

When Jody Sanders, editor of Quilts and More magazine asked me last fall if I had an idea for a series of projects for the 2016 issues, I showed her this pouch on my phone. I was delighted that she asked me right then if she could have it for the magazine! Since then, I've made another for the Summer issue, my Autumn pouch will be going to her this week, and the one for Winter is sketched out and the wool picked.

The pouches aren't hard to make but are the kind of thing that is just fun ... for when you want to make something pretty. It's been challenge coming up with the 'perfect' word to write on the tag for each one. Well actually ... true confession ... this first one came magically as an afterthought but in true Rosebud form, I've agonized over the others. What can I say?

There's something about plant pokes that make me happy ... in my boutique selling days, I used to paint or stitch them all the time for craft shows. I still love making them. I think they each can stand alone as a fun add-on to another project. This may sound crazy but my favorite part is twirling the strip of wool along the stick to make the stem.

As many of you know, I love working with wool and the article has some tips you'll want to read. Full size pieces so you can cut your own, too.

The magazine is coming on the news stands now and I'll have kits to sell for each season. I'm precutting them on my die cut machine. Give me a call if you want one ... 651.426.1885.

Images used with permission from Quilts and More and Meredith Corporation, copyright 2016.

Spring Pouch Cover APQ final 2016