A Little Something for Christmas ~ Jewelry Keeper
Block #1 of the Friendship Quilt Along is FUN!

Christmas just keeps on coming!

Terry gift 4

On this super cold -14 degree day in Minnesota, it's such a pleasure to have the mailman ring the door bell with an unexpected package! As soon as I saw the return address from Cordova Alaska, I felt all warm inside because I knew it was going to be something great!

Terry gift 2

That beautiful card! It was signed by my friend Terri ... many of you know her as Mrs Dilly Dally from her blog or her Facebook page. Anything wrapped in craft paper and tied with yarn and jute makes me happy ... but doesn't keep me from ripping into the package!

Terri gift 1

How cool that it's a gift inside a gift! This pretty tin will be put to lots of use! But wait ... there's more!

Terri gift 3

I've always been jealous of Terri's knitting skills ... she designs her own knitting patterns! Throughout December, she's been showing sneak peeks of what she terms her '007 projects' that she doesn't want anyone to see until Christmas. Because she has to ship her things from a remote part of Alaska, she doesn't like to talk about them until they are in the right hands. I sort of remember seeing her knitting some socks ... not knowing that one day they'd be mine! They are the softest wool in gorgeous shades of blueberry ... just like they grow in the forest near her home. I truly do not know how I'll be able to wear them because I want to keep them just as they are. But I know eventually they'll go on my feet because Terri makes her things to be worn. The other Alaska trinkets will find a home where I can see them and smile at my memories of Cordova.

A Minnesota girl, Terri and I became friends following one of the Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop bus tours in 2008. Our paths have crossed so frequently since then that it's scary ... seeing how we are thousands of miles apart and all. Once again, we'll be together in July when we'll meet up at Quiltstock in Dallas. But my favorite get together with her was when she invited me to teach at her quilt guild in Cordova. I found the town so enchanting that I often dream about returning ... and can't wait until I do! Because I will. In the meantime, I'll look back on my photos of the harbor and imagine Terri seeing the same view as she works on another 007 project for some lucky recipient!

Terri gift 5