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Masking hack for the hair salon!

Mask 5

Masks are the new attire while we wait out the Covid-19 pandemic. You're supposed to wear them everywhere ... even at the hair salon ... but what the heck ... how do they cut around your ears without cutting the straps off the mask? Once I was able to snag an appointment for a cut and color, my thoughts turned to how to solve this problem. Double stick tape came to mind at first but I didn't think it would hold for the entire appointment. I remembered my friend telling me about a sticky product her daughter used to hold up her pageant dresses and I found some at Walgreens. So for this mask hack you need a disposable mask + Hollywood Fashion Secrets fashion tape. The tape is individual pieces and there are a lot in the tin so share with your friends.

Mask 3

The tape has backings on both sides. Pull it off of one side of a piece of fashion tape and secure it to one side of the back side of the mask. It's really sticky! Don't remove the top backing until you're ready to put on the mask.

Mask 2

Try on the mask using the ear straps and adjust the nose piece if you have one. It's ready to take to the salon! When you get there, remove the backing film from the fashion tape and place on your face, adjusting it before you press it on completely.

Here are a few things I learned after my first haircut.

  • Open and adjust the mask before you apply the fashion tape.
  • Move the fashion tape in from the edge about 1/4" keeping part of it on the firmer, stitched edge. That will protect it from facial movement and also from water if it gets damp.
  • If you don't think you'll need them, cut off the straps. They were a nuisance.
  • Be sure the mask fits comfortably before you stick it to your face.
  • Make sure you've wiped off any moisturizer or makeup before you stick the mask to your face.

I can't believe I went four months without a haircut! My last cut was in February and I was scheduled for a cut in March but the night before, the governor shut everyone down. There were little snips now and then to keep my bangs in check during that time but it was hard not to chop off more. And then there was the whole touch-up issue. Ugh. Not taking getting a good cut and color for granted again!!

Mask 1